I started traveling to Europe in 2001 and try to go back every year. While in Europe I take a lot of photos, with
the advent of digital photography this can number into the thousands and is far more than I can show my friends
and family.  So on this site are only the best photos.

I have provided information on what I have taken a Picture of where I was able to find it. Usually from Travel
Books and Online sources.  This is not to say that I may not have misidentified some site or messed up the history.

The photos from 2001 to 2003 were taken with 35mm film and scanned into digital images. From 2004 on I have
been using digital photography.

The images are reached from the navigation bar on the right.
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Site Updates
  • Everyone travels differently. I like to book a Hotel in my arrival city
    ahead and then figure out where I am going next once I arrive.
    Some people like to plan their entire trip. If you have definite ideas
    of where you want to go or see then the latter might be better for
  • I book my Hotels through Expedia for the most part. But the times
    where I have gotten the best hotels at the best prices was through
    arriving in a town and going to the local TI (Tourist Information).
    They generally have the best deals and you can tell them exactly
    what you are looking for. This way I got to stay in a 5-star hotel in
    Brussels and the price of a 3-star because I was last minute. Of
    course I have also arrived in a town and found no room at the inn.
  • Travel by train in Europe is, for the most part, very simple. I do not
    bother to rent vehicles. I just take the train. It is less stressful but it
    is more expensive and there are some sites not near a train station.
  • If you plan to travel by train look for discount deals online. Buy a
    train map of the country you are in. Some train systems can be a
    little confusing and some stations are poorly marked. I have pulled
    into a station where they do not announce the stop and there is no
    sign on the station. I had to guess to decide if it was my stop.
  • I like to travel light. One small bag, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants etc..
    Hotel sinks can be used as a laundry. Do not expect to have a hotel
    wash your clothes. The cost per shirt is enough to buy a new shirt.
  • I plan my days very loosely. If I am going to a town for the day I
    know what the major sites are and whether they are open. I rarely
    carry a map but I have a good sense of direction and wander from
    site to site.  If it takes longer than expected or something is closed I
    don't worry about it. I will see it next time.
  • I try not to look like an obvious tourist. Mainly by walking with
    purpose like I know where I am going even when I get lost. I have
    lost track of the number of times locals have asked me for directions.
  • I always have a general idea of where I am in a new city. The river
    is to the left or the train station is over that way. When I do get lost
    I use a pocket compass, knowing generally where you are makes it
    simple to find your way again.
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