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The view of San Sebastian (or
Basque Donostia) and Playa de
la Concha beach from my Hotel.
View from my hotel with the
wide angle lens. In the center
background is Monte Urgull.
Playa de la Concha beach. The
first day I arrived was the better
weather day in San Sebastian.
Kale Nagusia in Parte Vieja (old
town). In the distance is Iglesia
San Vicente.
Another narrow pedestrian
street in the Old Town (Parte
The facade of Iglesia San
Vicente. A 16th century Gothic
Looking across the Bahia de La
Concha at the line of Hotels on
the beach.
The Boulevard Zumardia
dividing Parte Vieja from Centro
Typical buildings in the newer
parts of San Sebastian.
Inside the plain Buen Pastor
Cathedral. Fairly new being
completed in 1897.
My first day in San Sebastian a
lot of the streets in the new part
of town were closed to traffic.
Playa de la Concha packed with
people shortly before I went
Playa de la Concha, San Sebastian
The surf on Playa de la Concha
beach was fairly high churning
up seaweed and mud.
The evening view from my Hotel
window toward Parte Vieja.
Evening photo of the lights of
the town over the beach. Looks
like the tide is out.
The fleet of pleasure boats
anchored in the harbour.
Evening photo of the boardwalk
and the Playa de la Concha.
Lights of the Hotels and
apartments over the Bay.
Wandering about the Old Town
in the Evening. Many small bars
serving pintxos.
Another photo of the evening
bar scene in Parte Vieja.
Constitution Square in the Parte
Vieja. Small cafes line the sides.
View of a pintxos bar. Pintxos is
Basque for tapas.
The next day was cooler and no
one was enjoying the beach but
I went swimming.
The beach in the morning. Looks
like the tide has not come in yet.
A carrousel at the park near the
Town Hall.
Early morning in the Parte Vieja
is very quiet.
The Rio Urumea which divides
San Sebastian in half. The train
station and residential area.
The entrance to the battery atop
Monte Urgull. I believe called
the Mirador battery.
The view of Parte Vieja from
from the battery on Monte
Zurriola beach across the Rio
Urumea. More of a local beach
but also for surfers.
An entrance to the battery at the
summit of Monte Urgull.
Playa de la Concha beach
around noon. Apparently still to
cool for swimmers.
Mirador battery, a museum now
there has been a lookout here
since 1567.
Standing beside one of the
canon at the battery.
The really had a mis-matched
group of canons set up in the
Playa de la Concha beach. My
hotel is the tall one back of the
beach in the center.
Parte Vieja from the lookout
atop Monte Urgull.
A view of as much of the Playa
de la Concha beach I could fit in
the lens.
The lookout platform on top of
the battery. There is also a
statue of Jesus.
Zoomed in on the beach and the
boats anchored in the bay.
Isla de Santa Clara at the mouth
of the Bahia de La Concha.
On the oceanside of Monte
Urgull the hillside was covered
in conifers.
Another battery but this one
protecting the harbour.
The old protected harbour in
front of Parte Vieja.
Inside Iglesia de San Vicente I
am confronted by a cardboard
church. No idea.
The altar and nave of Iglesia de
San Vicente.
Consitution Square, I paused for
water and tried a pintxo.
With not many people at the
beach the streets of Parte Vieja
were busier.
In a Pintxos bar a patron looks
over the choices laid out on the
Puente de Santa Catalina over
the Rio Urmea at what I assume
is high tide.
Late afternoon in Parte Vieja
and it briefly rained while I was
in a restaurant.
The boulevard and it is raining.
It never actually rained on me
on this trip.
Early evening view of Monte
Urgull and the Playa de la