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The Casa de Botines. A
residence designed by Antoni
. Now a bank.
The main street through the
historic Old town or Barrio
Gotico is Calle Ancha.
Leon Cathedral (13th Century),
considered Spain premier
Gothic Cathedral
The cathedral from the front
allowing view of the famous
flying buttresses
Inside the cathedral. It is
famous for its 1,800 square
meters of stained glass.
A close-up of a section of the
stained glass
. Most of the
stained glass is original.
The altar and the nave of the
The impressive wooden choir of
the cathedral
Closer view of the carved seats
and backings in the choir
The Cathedral entrance and
carved wooden doors
My favourite site in Leon. The
wonderful 17th century Plaza
An old building on the Plaza
Mayor.  Now a Municipal Arts
Calle Ancha, Leon.
Street in the Barrio Gotic section
of Leon.
Another street winding through
the Barrio Gotic.
The Basilica de San Isodoro was
built in 1063 AD
. Over the years
21 monarchs were buried here.
Another view of teh Casa
Botines from the back.
The City walls of Leon. Begun in
the 1st Century BC they have
been continually upgraded.
The next day was Market Day in
the Plaza Mayor. A food market.
Food for sale in the Farmers
market in the Plaza Mayor.
In the streets near the Plaza
Mayor antique dealers were set
up selling.
The very quiet and colourful
Plaza de Santa Maria del
A restaurant on the Plaza de
Santa Maria del Camino where I
stopped for a snack.
Iglesia Santa Maria del Camino.
The church that gives the Plaza
its name.
Inside the Basilica de San
The Calle Ancha in the
afternoon during the quiet part
of the day.
The Plaza de la Regla. This is
the main square where the
Cathedral is located.
Another view of the city walls.
A small square and cafe in
Barrio Humedo.
Leon still gets pilgrims walking
the Camino de Santiago.  It was
a waypoint in the Middle Ages.
The Plaza Mayor as the sun
begins to set.
The street lights and restaurant
lights have come on in the Plaza
The Municipal Arts building in
the Plaza Mayor.
Early evening and shortly after
the floodlights were turned on
the Cathedral.
Later in the evening with the
Cathedral hi-lighted against the
Street leaving the Plaza de la
Evening steet scene in Leon.