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The ruins of the Roman walls
around the town of
Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza).
Torreon de la Zuda (Zuda
Tower). Once a Muslim fortress
then Aragon Palace.
The out of place modern
fountain at one end of the Plaza
del Pilar.
Plaza del Pilar and the Basilica
del Pilar on the left.
The entrance of the Calle
Alfonso I meeting the Plaza del
The Calle Alfonso I. A wide
pedestrian street passing
through the old town.
The Basilica del Pilar. Built on
the site where Santiago claimed
to see the Virgin Mary.
The Basilica was laid down in
1681 but much of the design is
from the 18th century.
The odd entrance to the Forum
Museum under the Plaza del
La Seo Cathedral. It has a long
history beginning as a mosque
in 700 AD.
The River Ebro passing through
Zaragoza on its way to the
The Basilica del Pilar as seen
from the Puente de Piedra
(Stone Bridge).
Puente de Piedra, Zaragoza
Another photo from the Stone
Bridge of the
The Puente de Piedra or Stone
Bridge built 1401 to 1440. The
central span collapsed once.
The Basilica del Pilar from the
Puente de Santiago.
A colourful building on the Calle
Alfonso I.
A common sight. A small lottery
ticket booth.  This time with the
garbage man making a purchase.
The Plaza de Espanya on the
edge of the old town
. One of the
new streetcars passing through.
The El Tubo neighbourhood of
. Considered the best
place for tapas in Spain.
Narrow pedestrian streets of
the El Tubo neighbourhood
The Palace of the Counts of
Morata or the Palace of the
Moon (1551).
The main entrance to the Palace
of the Counts. The building is
now a High Court of Justice.
The outer courtyard of the
. An Islamic palace
from the 11th Century.
Typical Islamic doorway in the
. The building later
became a Catholic Palace.
Another Islamic arch in the
Small room beneath a tower in
the Aljaferia
Amazing carved stone arches in
the Patio de Santa Isabel in the
Intricate arches in the Patio de
Santa Isabel
. The best Islamic
monument outside of Andalucia.
The Aljaferia from outside.
Made into a Catholic palace and
Early afternoon on the Calle
Alfonso I with the Basilica in
the distance
The ruins of the Caesaraugusta
Forum beneath the Plaza del
Small square surrounded by
cafes in the newer part of town.
The ruins of a 6,000 seat Roman
theatre discovered in 1972
beneath the city streets.
The Museo del Teatro de
I took an elevator to the top of
the North Tower of the Basilica
for the views.
The main dome and 10
mini-domes of the Basilica
seen from the North Tower
Photo of me on the balcony at
the top of the North Tower
In the glassed in cupola at the
very top of the North Tower
The Plaza del Pilar and the
Plaza de Justiia (and my Hotel)
from the Tower
The Paseo Echegaray y Caballero
along the Rio Ebro.
The Puente de Piedra and the
river Ebro.
The blazing heat on the Plaza
del Pliar
.Mudejar church of the 14th
century the Church of Santa
Maria Magdalena.
The courtyard of the Museum of
Looks like wolves killing a deer
on this Roman pot
As the evening arrived a protest
march against Evictions formed
Too hot during the day.
The sun has just set enough to
cool down the Plaza del Pilar
The remnants of the protest
march split up to enjoy the cafes
and cool evening temps
Setting sun over the Puente de
La Seo catching the setting sun
on the Plaza del Pilar
I managed to get a photo of the
full moon over the square
The Puente de Piedra bridge is
also called the Lion Bridge for
obvious reasons
Puente de Piedra in the early
evening light
The Basilica del Pilar as seen
from the Puente de Piedra
La Seo after night has fallen.
Evening photo of the Plaza del
The Basilica del Pilar. The
marble bas relief is practically
glowing in the light.
The Calle Alfonso I.  There were
few people out in this area of
town. Most are in El Tubo.
Where I stayed, the Hotel
Catalonia El Pilar
The fountain in the Plaza del
. My hotel in the