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The Meir - a wide pedestrian only
walkway through central Antwerp.
Groenplaats square and statue of Peter Paul
Reubens. The Cathedral (Onze Lieve
Vrouwkathedraal) in the background.
The Handshoenmarkt or Gloove
Onze Lieve Vrouwkathedraal, The
Cathedral of Our Lady (1352 to 1521).
Guild Houses on the north side
of the Grote Markt.
Guild houses on the North side
of the Grand Market.
Wedding photographer (likely a
model) at work on the Promenade.
The Flandria goes off on a 50
minute tour of the Scheldt.
Statue of the Lange Wapper (boogie
man). A figure of local folklore he
was a mischevious giant
The Steen, Antwerp's waterfront
castle.  In constant use until
after WWII.
De Scheldt P905, 1950s Belgium
navy patrol boat. Part of the
Maritime museum.
A riverboat in the maritime
museum, the Amical.
Narwhale horns in a case in the
Maritime Museum.
Centraal Station built in the
early 1900's.
The Torengebouw, Europe's first
skyscraper built in 1932.
Stadhuis (town hall). Designed by
Cornelius Floris De Vriendt in 1565.
The Brabo Fountain rises from a
pile of rocks in the center of the
Grote Markt.  Crafted in 1887.
Atop No. 7 in the Grote Markt St.
George on horseback spears a dragon.
Wooden escalators, built in the 1930s,
leading to the St Annatunnel beneath
the Scheldt.
The Cathedral of Our Lady as seen
from the Left Bank. The ugly
riverfront car park is prominent.
The interior of the Cathedral of
Our Lady - much of the Gothic
splendor was destroyed during the
"iconoclastic fury".
The most celebrated Reubens in
the Cathedral is The Descent from
the Cross triptych (1612).
Reubens The Resurrection
Headed upriver on the Scheldt,
taken from the bow of the
Flandria river cruise boat.
I passed a wooden riverboat on
the Scheldt.
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