Brugse Vrije, the old Civil
Registry (1534) and the Stadhuis
(City Hall, right).
The Basilica of the Holy Blood comprises
the decorated grey building (center). The
church was built from 12th-13th century.
The large open Market square
at the center of Brugge.
The Market Square was closed to
cars in 1996 except for one lane.
The statue of the Flemish heros Jan
Breydel and Pieter de Coninck leaders
of the revolt in Bruges in 1302.
The Provincial Courts and
Governor's residence (left).
The 83 metre high Belfry that
dominates the Market square.  It
dates from 1240.
One of the many Canals of Brugge.
Originally they allowed ships
access to the town from the sea.
A canal and bridge.
Guildhouses along a Canal.
The building with the tower is the
Burgher's Lodge a 15th century
meeting place for the well-to-do.
Koningin Astridpark
Gentpoort, one of the gates of the
Middle-Ages Defensive grid about
the city.
Gunpowder Tower an odd looking
tower along the canal built in the
early 15th century.
The Lockhouse at one end of
the Minnewater.
Simon Stevin Place. Named for a
famous Flemish Mathematician
from Brugge (1548-1620).
There are 366 steps in a winding
staircase to the top of the Belfry.
The locked chambers that held the
treasury and important documents of
Brugge in the Belfry.
The more impressive Church of
Our Lady to the left of Saint
Salvator Cathedral.
The buildings of the Burg square.
The Renaissance Hall (now the
Tourist Center).
A zoom shot of the harbour and
modern power generating windmills.
Kruispoort an old fortified
city-gate built in 1402.
Small stilt windmill.
The Jerusalem Church built in the 14th
Century by a member of the Adornes Family,
it remains a privately owned church.
A quiet back street in Brugge.
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The Bruges Bear looks out from a
niche on the side of the Burgher's
The Hotel Anselmus where I stayed
in Brugge.  I has a room on the
second floor at the front.
The Market Square is a Flower
Market on Wednesdays.
Skull Gate or Smedenpoort with the
reason for the name clearly visable to
the upper left of the entrance.
Smedenpoort and the city moat.
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A small park along the Dijver.
Looking over the park is Our
Lady's Church.
A residence alongside the
Dijver River.
The 15th Century town palace
of the Lords of Gruuthuse
The buildings and church of St.
John's Hospital.
An old lift bridge over the canal.
A riverbarge moored along the
ring canal. It looked like it was
rigged as a home.
Janshuismolen windmill
running at half-speed.
Jerusalem Church it was completed in 1470
on a design believed to be copied from the
Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.
A view of the 3 crosses over the altar
(the cruxifiction) and the area behind
the large arch is under the tower.
The entrance to the Fish Market -
note the golden fish over the door.
The vaulting between the City Hall
and the Old Recorders House
leading to the Burg Square.
The confluence of 2 canals at the
Rozenhoedkaai. This is the spot where
most postcards of Brugge are shot. The
Belfry is visable in the background.
The Beguinage a canal encircled island.
 This  was a place where women who
could not find husbands worked at
making lace. In 1937 the Beguinage was
closed and it became a nunnery.
The poplar trees of the central
courtyard of the Beguinage.
The residences of the Nuns.
The Belfry and the Cloth Hall
after dark.
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