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Rain falling in the Grote Markt
(Grand Market).  Built in the 1400's.
The asymmetrical City Hall with
one half built in 1404 and the
other in 1444.
The House of the Dukes of
Brabant.  Named after the busts
of 19 Dukes on the outside.
The restaurants of the
The Galleries of St Hubert built
in 1846, Europe's first "Mall".
The sun comes out and shines on
Guild houses in the Grand Market.
The King's House (there was
never a king) in the Gote Markt
which houses the City Museum.
One of the few remaining
remnants of the Medieval wall
that surrounded Brussels.
Comic mural on the wall of a
shop selling fireworks.
Place Agoraplein and statue of a
city founder with a dog. People pose
with his moustache in their hand.
Elaborate comic mural on the
wall of a home.
Sun shining on the Neuhaus or
King's House in the Grote Markt.
The House of the Dukes of
Brabant or Maison des Ducs de
Looking up Rue de la Regence
toward the Palace of Justice.
Place du Petit Sablon in the center is
a statue of Counts who were executed
at the order if Philip II of Spain in 1568.

Eglise Notre Dame du Sablon
The Church of Our Lady of Sablon
The Palace of Justice was built
between 1860 and 1880 in a
classic style.
The former Royal Palaces
constructed in 1815. Royal
residence is now in Laken.
The Palace of the Nation is the
seat of the Belgian Parliament.
Fountain in the park near the
Palace of the Nation.
Statue of Godfroid de Bouillon the
leader of the First Crusade in 1096
in front of the Royal Palace.
The Old England building was built
in 1889 as a Department Store.
City Hall spire from the Royal
Unusual clock.
Cathedral des St Michel &
Gudule first constructed in 1047
and rebuilt in 1226.
An interesting stained glass window
depicting some guy getting wailed
upon by a mob.
Cathedral des St Michel & Gudule
surrounded by urban malaise.
Belgium Centre for Comic Strip
Art and a rocket from TintIn.
Eglise Notre Dame de la Chapelle,
Brussels oldest church, founded in 1134.
City Hall after dark.
King's House after dark and the
Grote Markt (Grand Market).
Grand Market Guild Houses
after dark.
The reclining figure of Everard 't
Serclaes a 14th century hero credited
with saving the city. People rub his
arm for good luck.
Restaurants bring tables and
chairs out into the middle of the
street at dinner.
Mannekin Pis in costume a
bronze boy pissing built in 1619
replacing a stone statue dating
from the 14th century.
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