One of the bicycle racks outside
the Ghent train station.
Sint-Baafskathedraal (St. Basil's) looking
out over the Botermarkt. The original
church was built in 1038.
The Koninklijke Nederlandse
Schouwburg building. A flemish
language theatre company.
One of the few surviving examples of a
Flaemish Belfry. They represented the
power of the city in Flanders.
Looking past St. Nicholas church
toward the Korenmarkt.
The Korenmarkt with a tram
passing through.
St. Nicholas church is built on the
site of one that burned down in 1176.
 Built between 1220 and 1250.
St. Michael's Church on which
work began in 1440 and was not
completed until 1623.
A group of restored guildhouses
on Graslei Street along the Leie
No 4 - 10 Graslei, building on
the far right is the oldest a
The Gatehouse to Gravensteen
Castle (1177) built by Fillips of
Saint Veerle Square it was used for
executions during the time of the
Counts of Flanders.
From left to right - St. Basil's,
the Belfry and St. Michael's.
The unrestored portion on the back
of the Great Hall of Gravensteen.
The Dungeons beneath
Gravensteen. Thought to have been
originally used as a Stables.
Gravensteen and the moat (the
Leie). Reconstruction on the
outer wall is ongoing.
St. Basil's or St. Bravo Cathedral
and an interesting sculpture built at
its eastern end.
St. Nicholas Church
One the Gilded Dragons that once sat
atop the Belfry. The dragon was first put
atop the Belfry in 1377.
St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Nicholas church as seen from
atop the Belfry.  The clock tower to
the right of the church is the
former Post Office.
Graslei and St. Michael's at night.
All of the tour boats have been tied
up for the night.
Gravensteen photographed at
night with the spider web
building support illuminated.
St. Basil's Cathedral
The Town Hall it is a blend of
Renaissance and Gothic styles
because of the periodic stops
and starts in construction.
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