Gare de l'Est as seen from my
Hotel Window.
My first impression of Paris. Lots
and lots of cars - Rue de
Richelieu and Rue de Rivoli.
The main entrance to the
Musee du Louvre is beneath the
21 m high glass pyramid (1983).
The Denon Wing of the Louvre
as seen from the Pont du
Carrounsel Bridge.
The Seine from the Pont Royal
National Assembly building as
seen from Pont du La Concorde.
Terrible traffic in the Place de
La Concorde.
Eiffel Tower which was built for the
1889 World Fair. It is 320m high and
built with 7,000 tons of iron.
Pont Alexandre III bridge built in 1899
for the Univeral Exhibition of 1900. Its
first stone was placed by Tsar Nicholas II.
One of the boulevards on either
side of the Champ Elysees.
The Eiffel Tower was scheduled
to be torn down in 1909 but it
use for radio saved it.
Looking up from directly below
the Eiffel Tower.
The House of the Dukes of
Brabant or Maison des Ducs de
The Conciergerie on the Ile de
la Cite. It was built by Philippe
the Fair in the early 1300s.
Fontana du Chatelet erected in
1858 by Napoleon III to
celebrate Napoleon I victories.
The Conciergerie is still a Hall of
Justice so you need to be on
official business to enter.
Statue of Charlemagne in the
Place du Parvis in front of Notre
Dame Cathedral.
Two statues on Notre Dame seem
to have noted that a third has lost
his head.
Inside Notre Dame, the main
aisle is 130m long.
Notre Dame is most famous for
three large rose stained glass
The gothic Church of Our Lady in
Paris. Begun in 1163 it was largely
completed by the middle of the 14th.
Square du Vert Galant a small
park on the tip of the Ile de la Cite
in the shadow of the Pont Neuf.
Ile de la Cite and the Pont Neuf.
Institute of France as viewed
from the Arts Footbridge. The
institute was created in 1795.
Venus de Milo statue in the Louvre.
Found near Melos, Cyclades Islands. It
dates from 130-120 BC.
Greek section of the Louvre. The 10
foot tall statue at the end of the hall
is that of Melpomene (50 BC).
Statue of Athena dating from the
2nd Century BC.
The Sphinx from the Egyptian
collection carved from granite.
Thought to date from 2600 BC.
In the Middle Ages the Louvre fortress
was surrounded by a moat. Recent
excavations have uncovered it.
Statues of Egyptian gods carved
from black basalt.
The Mona Lisa painted by
Leonardo de Vinci. Painted
between 1503 and 1506.
A bas-relief Lion from ancient
Mesopotamia. Thought to date
from about 510 BC.
Winged Bulls taken from the
Palace of Sargon II. Thought to
date from 721-705 BC.
Stele of the victory of
Naram-Sin, King of Akkad
dating from 2250 BC.
The Code of Hammurabi which is
considered to be the first set of Laws
mankind set down (1792-1750 BC).
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Egyptian obelisk which stands very
close to the spot where the guillotine
stood in the 1700s.
The statue of Charles de Gaulle
posed in his trademark walk.
The Arc de Triomphe, the
reliefs depict the Resistance of
1814 and the Peace of 1815.
The Tomb of the Unkown
Soldier beneath the Arch of
Georges Pompidou building.
The bizarre staircase down the
outside of the museum.
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Hotel des Invalides.
Built in the 1670s by Louis XIV
to house war veterns.
Napoleon's Tomb. In 1840 the decision
was made to dig up Napoleon's corpse
on St. Helena and bring it to Paris.
The Tomb of Marshall Foch the
famous General from WWI.
Eglise du Dome, although associated
with Napoleon this church was actually
erected by King Louis XIV (1677-1735).
The Soldiers church in the
Invalides. The glass wall gives a
view of Napoleon's Tomb.
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A late WWI era Renault tank parked
at the Invalides.
Courtyard of the Invalides as
seen from the second level
Pont d'lena bridge, the
Trocadero park and the Palais
de Challiot.
The Debilly footbridge across the
Seine is in the middle of the photo.
The Bailica of the Sacred Cross
atop the hill of Montmartre.
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The Bir-Hakeim bridge and the
Allee des Cygnes (Isle of the
The view directly down from
the Eiffel Tower.
The 3rd Deck of the Eiffel
Tower from the 2nd Deck.
A view of the Eiffel Tower from
the viewing platform on Palais
de Chaillot.
Light show at the Eiffel Tower.
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The tower and part of the
reflection in the water.
The Eiffel tower as seen from the
Pont des Invalides.
Basilica of the Sacred Heart
(1875) standing on the highest
point of the Montmartre.
The Square Willette as seen
from the Dome of the Basilica.
The Eiffel tower as seen from
the Basilica Dome.
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Eglise St Pierre built in symmetry
with the Basilica of the Sacred
The Moulin Rouge (Red Mill) a
cabarat built on the site of a
former mill.
The Pigalle a notorious 4 block
stretch of Paris.
Place de Clichy
The Palais Chaillot square
looking out onto the Eiffel Tower
and the Eglise du Dome.
An enormous model of the
L'Ocean at the Maritime Musee.
Napoleon I's Imperial barge.
Built in 1810.
Opera Garnier, designed and
built in 1860.
The octagonal square of Place
Vendome (1687-1721). Napoleon
dressed as a Roman Emperor
stands atop the column.
The statue of Joan of Arc in
front of the Regina Hotel.
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Tuileries station on the Number
1 line of the Paris Metro.
The Pantheon (1759) where
famous Frenchmen are buried.
St Etienne du Mont church near
the Pantheon.
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