The Lion Hill as seen from the
highway in this photograph.
The climb up the Lion Hill is a total of
226 steps - it is 43 metres high. King
William I of the Netherlands ordered its
construction in 1820.
Atop the Lion Hill a stone map of
the battle lays out the starting
position of the troops.
The Waterloo battlefield as
seen from the Lion Hill
A small local village.
An immense painted panorama
of the Battle is in this building.  
It is 110m long and 12m high.
Bivouac de l'emperor"
A little restaurant across from the
panorama that claims to be on
Napoleon's campsite.
The Inn where Wellington spent
the evening before the battle is
now devoted to a museum and
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The Battlefield is in actually in Braine-l'Alleud one
train stop past Waterloo.
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