What is Here
In the Fall of 2004 I travelled to Belgium.  It seemed a nice, quiet place to go in Northern Europe
and it was an area full of history.

I arrived in Brussels to cold, wet rainy days and thought this might have been a mistake.  
However, the weather looked up from then on and was even hot later in the trip.  It was early
Fall so I did quite well where the weather was concerned.
A Side-trip to Paris
After visiting Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge and Ypres I had hit the major sites and had a
weekend yet to go.  So I decided to spend the extended weekend (4 days) in Paris.  It was a
quick train ride from Brussels.  The weather while I was in Paris was great and there was a lot to
see and do.  I will have to go back again for a week or so.

On the way back from Paris I stopped off in Luxembourg.  This was a boring stay in an overly
expensive little town.
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