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Cobbled streets in the Marketplace
and St. Peter's Church.
The Rhein Hotel which I had
thought about booking but
decided against.
One of Bacharach's many towers. The
walls around the town date from 1400.
Hotel Altkolnischer in the
Altes Haus (Old House) a Medieval
timber frame house from 1368.
Hotel and restaurant Cafe Am Markt
on the Marketplace.
Burg Stahlburg looming over
Bacharach. It is thought to date
from 1095 AD.
The fancy Hotel-Pension Im
One of the Towers (Love Tower) that
still survive and a piece of the town
A Tower of the town wall and Burg
Postenturm (Post Tower) on the edge
of a vineyard. It is now a lookout
Looking down on Bacharach from
the Postenturm. St. Peter's Church
in the center.
Burg Stahlburg from the Postenturm.
The infamous Wernerkapelle an
unfinished Chapel associated with a
massacre of Jews in 1287.
Two of the towers of Bacharach
including the Love Tower (center).
The Love Tower and a half timber
Inside St. Peter's Church.
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A crypt lid in the wall of St. Peter's
Restored painting in St. Peter's
One of Bacharach's Towers which
has been turned into a Hotel.
An extinguished eternal flame
honouring Franco-Prussian War and
WWI war dead from Bacharach.
The Market Tower (Marktturm)
marking the entrance to Bacharach.
Saint Peter's
Maybe next time
One of 10 towers
Am Markt
Really old house
No Vacancy
Youth Hostel
Gingerbread House
Love Tower ?
Steep hill
Bacharach on the Rhine
Castle Stahlburg
Werner Kapelle and Oberwesel
Luv Tower
St. Peter's Church
Tower Hotel
Town Wall
Forgotten Memorial
June 26th, 2009