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Potsdamer Platz an historically
important intersection being rebuilt
after the fall of the Wall.
The Memorial to the Murdered
Jews of Europe (2004). Comprised
of 2711 concrete slabs.
Brandenburg Gate from the back (West
Berlin) side. It was built in 1791 AD as a
symbol of peace.
The front side of Brandenburg Gate
from Pariser Platz.
The recreated Adlon Hotel on Pariser
Platz. The original was completed in
1907. It was rebuilt in 1997.
The Reichstag which was completed
in 1894 AD and closed after a fire in
1933. Re-opened in 1999 AD.
The memorial to 96 Reichstag
members murdered by the Nazis.
The Reichstag from the front. The words
over the main facade (For the German
People) were added in 1916 AD.
The glass dome on the roof of the
Reichstag which replaces the original
stone cupola.
Inside the Glass dome. There is an up
and down ramp to the top that do not
cross each other.
The opening at the top of the glass
dome. The opening allows air out of
the parliament.
Ulhand Strasse U-Bahn station.
Getting around is easy on the
U-Bahn and S-Bahn.
The Fountain of Friendship between
Peoples in Alexanderplatz. The
square still evokes its socialist past.
Atop the Fernsehturm (Television
Tower) looking down on the Berliner
Dom (Berlin Cathedral).
The river Spree and the Spreeinsel or
Museum Island. The Pergamon
Museum is in the foreground.
The grass field is the former site of the
Palace of the Republic (DDR parliament).
Marx-Engels forum is in the foreground.
The S-Bahn passing through former
East Berlin neighbourhoods.
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St. Mary's Church which is presumed to
date from the 13th Century It is thought
to be the oldest church in Berlin.
The Neptune fountain in
The 368m tall Fernsehturm (TV
Tower) built in 1965 by the DDR.
Red Town Hall the city hall of Berlin.
It was opened in 1869 AD.
The "old pensioners" statues of Marx
and Engels in Marx Engels Park.
Behind is socialist art.
The Berlin Cathedral (1905 AD)
which was damaged in WWII and not
restored until 1993 AD.
The Altes (Old) Museum built in 1825
to house the collection of the
Prussian Royal Family.
A "Trabi for rent". An East German
Trabant rented out to tourists.
Inside the Berliner Dom. Essentially a
large domed chamber.
The Fernsehturm and Marienkircke
as seen from the gallery of the
Berliner Dom.
The Pergamon Museum (1930 AD)
built to house the Pergamon Altar.
The Red Town Hall as seen from the
Berliner Dom.
The interior of the Berliner Dom as
seen from the gallery.
The coffins of the Prussian nobility at
rest in the crypt of the Berliner Dom.
The bust of Pericles in the Altes
The bust of Queen Nefertiti (1340 BC),
the wife of King Akhenaton, is the
main attraction at the Altes Museum.
The central courtyard of the Altes
Museum and the Greek gods
A bust of Julius Caesar created in
1764 AD from the collection of
Friedrich II.
Construction Site
Holocaust Memorial
Brandenburger Tor
Pariser Platz
Adlon Hotel
Dem Deutschen Volke
Double Helix
Hot Air
Communist Square
Berliner Dom
East German Parliament
Pope's Revenge
Rotes Rathaus
Abandoned Park
Berliner Dom
Altes Museum
Dom Interior
Berliner Dom Gallery
Red Town Hall
Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom
Courtyard of the gods
Contemporary Art
Pergamon Altar
Two Columns
Stolen Art
The Bode Museum
Bode Museum
Prussian Generals
Creepy chairs
The Spree
Missing wing
Checkpoint Sign
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Sign
Berliner Mauer
Checkpoint Musuem
Old Arsenal
I M Pei mess
Ornate shield
The little Corsican
Grim momentos
Soviet target practice
The 88
The Last Days
Der Deutsche Dom
Berliner Mauer
Schinkel Museum
National Gallery
Central Park
Soviet Cemetary
Brandenburg Gate
T-34 Tank
Iron Cross
Victory Column
Pompous statue
A dramatic statue on the steps of the
Altes Museum. The neon sign proclaims,
"All art has been contemporary".
The Pergamon Altar excavated
from modern day Turkey. Thought
to have been built in 160 BC.
Parts of the Pergamon site on display in
the Pergamon museum.
Columns on display in the Pergamon
A recreated entranceway in the
Pergamon museum.
Bust of Athena part of the Berlin's
Olympus - Return of the Gods exhibit
in the Pergamon Museum.
Likely a status of Aphrodite in the
Pergamon. Part of the collection
returned by the Russians to Germany.
The Entrance to the Bode Museum
which was constructed in 1904 AD.
A huge hall in the Bode Museum. It
was originally called the Kaiser
Friedrich Museum.
The Grand Staircase in the Bode
Museum with statues of famous
Prussian military leaders.
Choir stalls from Holtz. They date
from 1501 AD.
The Berliner Dom and the Spree
The "Story of Berlin" exhibit near my
"You are now leaving the American
Sector". Replica sign at Checkpoint
A replica Checkpoint Charlie
guardhouse. A famous border crossing
point in Berlin.
"You are entering the American
Sector". The less famous side of the
A double row of bricks marks the
former path of the Berlin Wall (1961
- 1989 AD).
The entry to the Checkpoint Charlie
"museum". The plaque is a tribute
to Brezhnev.
The covered courtyard of the
Zeughaus (old arsenal) building of the
German Historical Museum (1730 AD).
The exterior of the new extension to
the  German Historical Museum
completed in 2004 AD.
Parade shield and helm for the
Prussian nobility.
Plaque doctors mask from the late
Middle Ages.
Napoleon's hat and topcoat is among the
items the Prussian troops seized when the
overran the Emperor's baggage train.
Napoleon's hat taken from the
battlefield at Waterloo (1815 AD).
British, Italian and German WWI
helmets each with a bullet hole in it.
A globe that stood in Hitler's
Chancellery with a bullet hole where
German should be (Soviet bullets).
A WWII German 88 mm anti-aircraft
German WWII Panzerfaust (Armor
Fist) anti-tank weapon.
The German Cathedral (1993) in the
Gendmenmarkt it stands on the site of
a previous church destroyed in WWII.
An intact piece of the Berlin Wall
near Nordbahnhof, north Berlin.
Friedrichswerder Church, the first
Neo-Gothic church in German it was
completed in 1831 AD.
The Friedrichswerder Church is the
temporary home of nineteenth
century German statues.
A path winding through Tiergarten -
Berlin's Central park.
The forgotten Monument to the
Soviets in Tiergarten.
Brandenburg Gate as seen from the
center of the June 17th Street
through Tiergarten.
A T-34 tank on a stone platform at the
Monument to the Soviets in
Statue of Helmuth von Moltke the
elder in Tiergarten. A German war
hero from the late 19th Century.
The Victory Column (1864 AD) in
Tiergarten. Originally it stood near the
Reichstag but it was moved by the
The Bismark Memorial in Tiergarten.
Depicting Prince Otto von Bismark,
Atlas, Seigfried and Germania.
June 29th to July
nd, 2009