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Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (train station)
an old-fashioned dead end station.
Looking down Kaiserstrasse at the
Commerzbank Tower, Europe's
tallest tower at 300 meters.
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof was built in 1888
AD the facade has a large clock and two
statues representing day and night.
The back side of the Rathaus (Town
Hall) and the covered bridge called  
the Seufzerbrücke (Bridge of Sighs).
The Romerberg (Market Square) of
Frankfurt. In the background is St.
Bartholomew's Cathedral.
The Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen
(Fountain of Justice) at the center of
the square was built in 1543 AD.
A small statue and water pipe in
front of the shops in the Romerberg.
Alte Nikolaikirche, a gothic church built
in 1290. It was used as the court chapel
for the emperors until the 15th century.
The Zum Romer (to the Roman)
Town Hall was built between the 15th
and 18th century,
The iron footbridge over the Main is
called the Eiserner Steg. Why a greek
The view of the Main from the
Eiserner Steg bridge. The tall towers
of the financial district.
The scant ruins of a bathhouse are
the only Roman ruins in Frankfurt.
The nave and altar of Frankfurt Cathedral
(St. Barholomew). Constructed out of red
sandstone in the 14th and 15th century.
The High altar. To the south is the
election chapel where 10 Holy Roman
Emperors were crowned (1562 onward).
A carved altar piece in the Frankfurt
The Liebfrauenaltar (Altar of Mary
Sleeping, 1434 AD).
A Van Dyck painting on the fake stone
block walls of the Cathedral. In rebuilding
the church they painted on the grey lines.
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The observation deck at 650 feet
atop the Main Tower.
The view west at Westendstrabe
(white), Messeturm (brown) and
Trianon (foreground) towers.
Looking down on Frankfurt Main
Hauptbahnhof (train station).
The view East at the Main river. The
Romerberg is flanked by St.
Bartholomew's Church and St. Paul's
Frankfurt Airport from Main Tower.
The second busiest in Europe.
July 8th, 2009
Hbf Facade
Bridge of Sighs
Justice is served
Unknown Statue
Alte Nikolaikirche
Zum Romer
Bank Towers
St. Bartholomew
High Altar
Lady Altar
Van Dyck
Train Station
River Main
Train Station
Look up... way up.
A closer look at the busy Train yard
and Hauptbahnhof.
Looking up at the Main Tower.