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Fort Konstantin (1143 AD) overlooking
Koblenz Hauptbahnhof (train
station) built in 1902.
The closed Fort Konstantin. Only
recently renovated (1994) it is only open
for special events. A bunker in WWII.
Modern art statues in the boulevard
for the Friedrich-Ebert Ring road.
Festung Ehrenbreitstein fortress built
by Prussia between 1817 and 1832 as
defence against the French.
The mounted statue of Wilhelm I
originally erected in 1897, Replaced
after its destruction in  WWII.
The Rhine meets the Mosel at the
German Corner. (Deutsches Eck).
The Mosel River bridge (1344).
A Rhine River Cruise ship passes
beneath Ehrenbreitstein.
Federal Government Offices along the
Rhine river.
Right on the banks of the Rhine.
KM marker 590 across the river from
Koblenz. Apparently erected by Rick
An observation tower atop a nearby
The Beer Garden along the Rhine
where I stopped for Beer and pretzels.
My trip is disrupted by the Annual
Koblenz 10K run.
A statue in Goerresplatz which shows
the history of Koblenz up to the
rebuilding of the town after WWII.
Jesuit Square and the statue of
Johannes Mueller. The building in
the middle is a Jesuit Church (1580).
June 25th and 26th, 2009
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