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The north side of Koln Cathedral. It was
begun in 1248 AD halted in 1473 and
finished in the 19th Century (1883).
The south side of Koln Cathedral.
For 400 years a Crane sat atop
one of the towers.
The south facade of the Cathedral.
The cathedral is 144 m long and 86
m wide.
The Roman - Germanic Museum. It is
full of Roman objects found in the
The twin towers of the Cathedral are
157m tall and for a few years (1880-04)
was the tallest structure in the world.
The Roman Gate to the city
constructed in 50 AD.
The repaired front entrance to Koln
St Ursula Church built on the
supposed site of the saints burial in
Roman times.
The train station in Koln. It is located
right next to the Cathedral.
The organ of the Cathedral is a recent
addition so it has been hung from the
The nave of the Cathedral viewed
from one of the pews.
The altar and the seat of the
Archbishop (left).
The Gero-crucifix which was carved
in 976 AD. The oldest one north of
the Alps.
The Altarpiece of the Three Kings by
Stephan Lochner
Painted window in the Cathedral.
Huge pillars hold up the roof n the
transept of the Cathedral.
An elaborate mural on the floor in
the chapel.
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The Choir Stalls in the Cathedral.
The Shrine of the Magi Reliquary built
in 1200 AD to hold three crowned skulls
said to belong to the Three Kings.
The Shrine of the Magi as seen
from the altar.
The nave of the Cathedral.
A mosaic floor in the Roman -
Germanic museum. It is actually in
its original location.
A large collection of Roman clay and
glassware in the museum.
The inscription is from a public building
erected under Emperor Nero. It was later
used as a sewer cover.
A replica Roman Carriage recreated
from artist impressions.
Hohenzollernbrücke bridge across the
Rhine. Famously destroyed in WWII.
Great St. Martin church (1150 - 1250
AD) on the banks of the Rhine.
A backstreet on the way to the
Cathedral from the river.
The Interior of Great St. Martin,
reconstructed after WWII destruction.
Koln Town Hall tower erected
between 1407 - 1414 AD.
The Jan V. Werth statue in the Old
Market square. Werth is the subject of
a famous Rhenish song.
One more view of the twin towers of
Koln Cathedral. The two towers are
the symbol of the city.
Even the local beer celebrated the
Cathedral in Koln.
Its Big
Roman Gate
Saint Ursula
Train Station
High Seat
Three Magi
in situ
Bridge over the Rhine
St. Martin
Great St Martin
Town Hall
Twin Towers
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