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The modern fountain in Karlsplatz
near the Hauptbahnhof  Ahead is the
Neuhauser Strasse pedestrian street.
Karlstor one of four gates into
Munich, this one straddles the
Neuhauser Strasse.
The Neuhauser Strasse was and this
branching road the Augustiner were
made pedestrian only in 1972.
The Gothic Frauenkirche was built in
the 1400's. It became Munich's
cathedral in 1821 AD.
The 280 foot tall Towers of the
Frauenkirche are topped with distinctive
domes added in Renaissance times.
The light-filled interior of the
Frauenkirche. It had to be completely
restored after WWII.
The tomb of Holy Roman Emperor
Louis IV (Ludwig the Bavarian) in he
Frauenkirche. He died in 1347 AD.
It was an unpopular decision to make
Neuhauser Str pedestrian only in 1972
for the Olympics. Not anymore.
The New Town Hall overlooking the
central Marienplatz. The Hall was
built from 1867 to 1908 AD.
Marienplatz (Mary's Place) gets its
name from the statue of the Virgin
Mary moved here in 1638 AD.
The New Town hall tower holds the
glockenspiel which jousts 3 times
daily. The figures recreate a joust.
A staircase in the Courtyard of the
New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus).
The Courtyard of the New Town Hall
and a restaurant. Everywhere you go
in Munich someone is selling beer.
The gateway in the New Town Hall
tower leading to the courtyard.
Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy
Spirit) was built in 1392 AD converted to
a hospital and then back to a church.
The Viktualienmarkt food market pretty
empty on a Sunday. A combination
food market and beer hall.
The maypole in the Viktualienmarkt is
a 15th century tradition to show which
merchants were doing business.
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Isartor (Isar Gate) was constructed in
1337 AD. The mural of a victorious
Emperor Ludwig was added in 1835 AD.
The Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)
dates from at least 1310 AD but has
been remodelled several times.
A good view of Marienplatz, the
New Town Hall and Frauenkirche.
Note the transit stops in the square.
The tram stop at the corner of
Weinstaube and Schrammerstabe.
Odeonsplatz is in the distance.
A building on Maximilian Street
across from the Opera House.
The Bazaar separating the Hofgarten of the
Residenz from Odeonsplatz. The Residenz
was the Palace of Bavarian Monarchs.
The Feldhernnhalle (1841 AD) a Loggia
honouring Bavarian military heroes. Also
the scene of the Beer Hall Putsch (1923).
Inside the covered walk of the Bazaar
building built in 1826 AD.
The Banqueting Hall facade (1823)
of the Residenz facing the Court
A bocce tournament underway in
the Court Gardens of the Residenz.
Bavarian Staatskanzlei (State
Chancellery), overlooking the Court
The Apothecary Courtyard of the
The Fountain Courtyard with its statue
of Duke Otto (completed 1613 AD) it
is a frequent site for concerts.
The exit from the Imperial Courtyard
of the Residenz, through the arch is
the Theatiner Church.
Theatine Church St. Cajetan was
built from 1663 to 1690 AD. The
towers and facade added later.
The very white architecture of the
nave of the Theatiner Church.
The view to the left of the altar in
the Theatiner Church.
The statue of Ludwig I, King of
Bavaria (1845-1848) in the
Odeonsplatz erected is 1868 AD.
The royal Ludwigstrasse an avenue
for Royal processions. The church is
Ludwigskirche (1829 AD).
Inside Ludwigskirche where some
serious restoration work is ongoing.
The Siegestor (1852 AD) the inscription
translates to "Dedicated to victory,
destroyed by war, reminding of peace".
The Munich Hauptbahnhof (train
station) which was constructed in
1847 AD.
Pouring rain on the Neuhauser
Strasse. Rain was a common problem
on my 3 days in Munich.
The Frauenkirche as seen from the
top of the New Town Hall tower. It
was pouring rain.
The Neuhauser Strasse headed
west. The church on the right is St.
Michael's Church (1583 AD).
The view north to Theatiner Church
on the Odeonsplatz.
Looking directly down on Marienplatz
from the Tower.
St. Peter's Church (1368 AD) built on
the probable site of the original Monk's
settlement that named Munich.
The Munich National Theatre (1963)
built to the designs of the original
(1818) which was destroyed in WWII.
The jam-packed Viktualienmarkt on
a busy Monday late lunch.
The interior of the famous
Hofbrauhaus, Munich's favourite
Beer Hall.
The exterior of the Hofbrauhaus. It
was damaged in WWII and quickly
Maxmilian strasse which heads east
from Odeonsplatz to the Isar River.
The monument of Maximilian II of
Bavaria (1811 - 1864 AD).
The west branch of the Isar river as
it passes around Praterinsel.
The Maximilianeum (1857) which was
built as a gifted students college and now
houses the Bavarian State parliament.
A public park pathway along the
River Isar.
A control dam on the River Isar.
The large building is the 19th
Century St. Lukas Church.
St. Lukas Church along the bank of
the river Isar.
The interior of St. Lukas church.
"Doesn't anyone have to work?"
Crowds on the Neuhauser Strasse in
the afternoon.
Munich Hauptbahnhof which is a
dead-end station (no through lines).
The nave of Peterskirche (St. Peter's
The area off to one side of the nave
of St. Peter's Church. All of the
enclosed private chapels.
The ceiling fresco of Peterskirche
was painted in 1753 AD and
re-created in 1999 AD.
The High Altar of St. Peter's Church.
It rains all day and the River Isar
starts to look like it will overflow its
July 5th to 7th, 2009
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Theatiner Church
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