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Konigstor a large tower in the
Nurnberg town walls right beside the
Konigstrasse pedestrian street.
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (1888 AD) is
the busiest in Germany.
The unfinished Congress Hall was
started in 1935 and was intended as
a 50,000 seat hall for NSDAP rallies.
The exterior of the Congress Hall. The
building is 39 meters tall and has a
diameter of 250 meters.
Canadian geese in the Kleiner
The truncated Great Road (1939)
was meant for NSDAP parades. It was
paved in granite blocks.
The Congress Hall from across the
Kleiner Dutzendteich.
The Zeppelin Landing Fields  from
the Tribune. The Tribune is on the
long axis of the field.
The Tribune (reviewing stand) at the
Zeppelin Landing Fields was based
on the Pergamon Altar.
The back of the Zeppelin landing
Fields. The blocks are stairs to the
Nuremberg's last remaining granary
was built in 1494 AD. At one time
there were 11 granaries.
Nuremberg's only remaining "Tower
House" built when there were no
town walls. A one family castle.
Lorenzkirche (St. Lawrence Church)
built in 1360 AD. The facade is 260
feet tall.
The 14th century Holy Ghost Hospital
was donated to care for the sick. It
spans over the Pegnitz River.
The "Ship of Fools" deriding the
follies of violence, technology and
The Church of Our Lady (1362 AD) in
the Hauptmarkt. In the 13th century
the market was built joining 2 towns.
Flowers for sell in the Hauptmarkt.
On the left is the Frauenkirche
(Church of Our Lady).
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The Beautiful Fountain (1385 AD) was
built to bring clean water to the Square.
The Nurnberg Ring is on this fountain.
St. Sebaldus Church (1233 AD) just
north of the Rathausplatz.
The Fembo House City Museum. It is
a traditional merchant's house from
around 1600 AD.
The Kaiserburg castle rises of a rock
outcrop north of Nuremberg. It was
started in the 12th Century.
Heiden Tower at the Kaiserburg.
An inner courtyard below the Heiden
Tower in the Kaiserburg.
The Wooden Gates to the Inner
Keep of Kaiserburg.
Sinwell Tower on the Kaiserburg. The
small building in the center houses
the famous Deep Well
Heiden Tower on the Kaiserburg.
The view from Kaiserburg out over
the city of Nuremberg.
One of the buildings on the
A church building across from St.
Sebaldus Church.
The 13th Century St. Sebaldus
The Hauptmarkt with the Beautiful
Fountain in the foreground. The
Church of Our Lady in the background.
The small island in the Pegnitz river
is the Trudelmarkt.
The interior of St Lawrence Church.
Although Nurnberg was one of the
first town's to break with the Catholic
Church they did not destroy the
interior of the church.
For some reason one of the Church
Bells is resting on the floor.
July 4th, 2009
Looking back down the length of the
Nave toward the 9 meter rosetta
St Lawrence Church viewed from
down the Konigstrasse. The Tower
House is also visible.
Hidden in amongst the scaffolding
is the wood carving The
Annunciation carved by Veit Stoss
in 1517 AD.
Grobe Strabe
Zeppelin Landing Fields
Rally stand
Zeppelin Stands
Tower House
Das Narrenschiff
Church of Our Lady
Beautiful Fountain
St. Sebaldus Church
Merchant House
Der Heidenturm
Castle Courtyard
Sinwell Tower
Heiden Tower
Church Building
St. Sebaldus Church
St Lawrence
Fallen Bell
St Lorenz