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The Dining area on the paddle-wheel
steamer Goethe (1913).
Stolzenfels Castle built in the 13th
century destroyed by the French
in 1689.
Stolzenfels Castle was given its
neo-Gothic appearance by Frederick
William IV of Prussia in 1823.
Remains of the Old Town Walls in
Rhens which date from the 13th
Rhens a village of 3,000 people
along the Rhine.
Marksburg Castle on the Rhine. Built
in 1117 it is the only Castle along the
Rhine never destroyed.
Marksburg Castle above the village
of Braubach for which it was built to
The Rhine river near Braubach as it
winds around a corner.
Marksburg Castle was the seat of the
Counts of Katzenelnbogen.
The town of Boppard which was
founded by the Romans.
Burg Rheinfels above the town of St.
Goar. It was started in 1245 and grew
to be the largest Rhine Castle.
The ruins of Burg Rheinfels. It was
destroyed by the French
Revolutionary Army in 1797.
A Rhine River traffic signal indicating
oncoming traffic to ships.
The Loreley, a 450 foot high slate
rock formation. Situated at the
narrowest point in the Rhine.
The remains of the Walls around the  
town of Oberwesel.
Schonberg Castle and the red walls
of the Liebfrauenkirche (13th Century)
in Oberwesel.
One of the 16 towers of the Walls of
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Schonberg Castle above the town
of Oberwesel.
Pfalz Castle in the middle of the
Rhine rises out of the mists.
Pfalz Castle and Gutenfels Castle in
Kaub. The Castles allowed Kaub to
get rich of river tolls.
The village of Bacharach and
Stahleck Castle (12th Century).
The KD Lines Steamer Goethe
docked at Bacharach. I took it
upriver to Bacharach.
Aboard a much larger KD ship MS
RheinEnergie headed downriver to
A tiny village near Kaub.
Pfalz Castle at Kaub. In 1504 the
Pope called for its destruction but
they survived a 6-week seige.
Gutenfels Castle situated above Kaub.
Rounding a bend in the Rhine.
Burg Maus (1356), so-named due to
its closeness to Burg Katz.
A bend in the Rhine River near Burg
A cloud seems to peek over the ridge
on the side of the Rhine.
Sterrenberg and Liebenstein Castles
called the "Hostile Brothers". Legend
tells of a feud between brothers.
Libenstein Castle built in the 13th
Sterrenberg Castle built in the 12th
A monastery in Kamp-Bornhofen.
Another view of Marksburg Castle
the home of the German Castle
The Goethe
Under Construction
Orange Castle
Lonely Tower
Rolling on the Rhine
Traffic Lights
Spirits of the Rhine
Towers of Oberwesel
Red Church
River Fort
River Toll
Steam Paddler
Train Set Scene
Pfalz Toll Booth
Rhine Bends
Cat and Mouse
The Rhine
Hostile Brothers
White Tower