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Rodertor (Roder Gate) tower and
customs houses. Built in the 14th
Roder Gate from inside the city
walls. It is staffed by volunteers so it
is not always open.
The Roder arch of the Markusturm
built around 1200 AD. It marks the
old city walls and the Inner Town.
The tower in the distance is a former
Dominican Priory built in 1258 AD. Now
it houses the Imperial City Museum.
Eis Cafe D'Isep ice cream parlour on
Hafen Stasse.
The Market Square. The town hall is
the two buildings on the left. The
white building dates from 1250 AD.
The Baumeisterhaus (Master Builders
House) built in 1596 AD. It was home
to the architect of the Town Hall.
The green building is where Mayor
Heinreich Topplier lived (1400 AD).
The 17th Century St. George's
Fountain a source of water and it
held fish on market day.
The picture perfect scene constructed
outside a restaurant.
The Burggasse leading to the western
gates of the town. The valley to the
left is the course of the Tauber.
The southern walls around
Rothenburg panorama.
Burgtor (Castle gate), note the face
on the Low tower used to pour oil on
The Meistertrunk show in progress in
the Town Councilors Tavern. The
story relates to the siege of 1631.
New town hall is a Renaissance
building from 1570 AD replacing the
portion of town hall that burned down.
One of Rothenburg's many wells. The
towns wells and wide streets protected
it from fires in the middle ages.
The walls of Rothenburg. Most of
the Medieval walls are still intact.
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The White Tower in the distance
down Galgangasse from Gallows
Roder Gate twoer was open so I
climbed to the top. Here I am looking
down on the Custom's House.
The view south along the city walls
from Roder Tower.
The towers of Rothenburg. The Town
Hall, St. Jakob's Church and the
White Tower.
The view north toward Gallow's Gate.
The view north along the wall. The
moat area is now a park.
Spital Bastion (1586 AD) and Spital
Tower at the southern most part of
the town walls.
Spital Tower from the inside of the
town walls.
A fountain alongside Spitalgasse.
Tower holding a Spiral staircase. It
appears to have a sun-dial on it.
The interior of St. Jakob's Church
(1311 AD). In the distance is the High
Altar carved in 1466 AD.
The Altar of the Holy Blood (1505
AD) which holds the reliquary of the
Holy Blood (1270 AD).
View from the seating outside a
restaurant in the Market Square.
The view down Schmiedgasse
toward Siebers Tower in the distance.
A quiet side street.
A fountain in chapel square..A
traditional half-timber house looks
over the square.
Plonlein Square with Siebers Tower
(1385) and Kobolzell Gate (1360).
A highly photographed square.
July 3rd and 4th,
Rooster Gate
Roder Gate
Markus Tower
Ice Cream
St. George's Fountain
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Look Out
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Wall walk
Gallow's Gate
Roder climb
Town Walls
Gallow's Gate
Spital Tower
High Altar
Sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider
Spheggetti and Beer
Siebers Tor
Time Traveller
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Guided Tour
Nachtwachter's Tour
Tour is over
A street passes right under St.
Jakob's Church.
The Nightwatchman (Hans-Georg
Baumgartner) prepares to take
tourists on a 1 hour tour of the Town.
The crowd disperses after the Night
Watchman's tour and we walk back
toward the Town Councillors Tavern.
A quiet restaurant along the town
The Executioner's Tour guides in
period dress makes some noise to
attract customers.