St. Pierre's Church was
constructed from the 13th to
16th centuries.
The interior of St. Pierre consists
of one long, narrow nave.
The ramparts of Chateau de Caen
a fortress built by William the
Conqueror in 1060 AD.
Eglise St. Pierre as viewed from the
Castle. The steeple was destroyed in
1944 and recently rebuilt.
Porte sur le Ville, the
gatehouse of the Castle.
A tram moves down Rue St.
Jean past Eglise St. Pierre.
The ruins of the Keep of the
castle. Laid out in classic square
Norman design.
The western ramparts of the Chateau de Caen along Rue St. Jean.
A full-size model of a Typhoon
ground support aircraft at the
Caen Memorial Museum.
A Sherman tank and a Russian
Katyusha rocket launcher down a deep
well in the disappointing Museum.
A MiG-21 in a weird silo shaped
chamber in the Museum. One of the
most prolific aircraft of the Cold War.
A 1 megaton Mark 28 Nuclear
bomb of the type carried by
B-52s in the Cold War.
Open air market on Marshall
LeClerc boulevard.
The Orne Canal.
St. Jean Church built between
the 14th and 16th centuries.
The peculiar gothic architecture
of Eglise St. Jean. It was the
only building to survive WWII in
this neighbourhood of Caen.
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Gatehouse in the rampart walls
of the Castle.
A panorama of the ramparts of Chateau de Caen. It was a Royal residence until the reign of
Richard the Lion-hearted. It served various military functions up to the end of WWII. The
Germans garrisoned the Castle in the War.
The tower of Eglise St. Jean
leans to the left because the
Church was built on marshland.
A Joan of Arc statue in Caen
with the date 1964 on it for some
Eglise St. Pierre
St. Pierre
Caen Castle
St. Pierre
Rue St. Jean
Western Ramparts
Hidden gems
MiG 21
Nuclear Bomb
View from my room
St. Jean
St. Jean
Tilty tower
Jeanne d'Arc