Dieppe harbour and atop the cliffs
in the distance is Notre Dame du
Bon Secours (1876 AD) church.
The panorama of Dieppe harbour. A typical North Sea fishing boat lies stuck in the mud to the left at
low tide. The houses line Quai Henri IV.
The vast "lawns" between the
beach and the town were laid
out in the 1860s.
Monument to the men of Les
Fusiliers Mont-Roy who suffered high
casualties in the Dieppe Raid (1942).
The pebbled beach where the
Canadians landed in 1942.
The ferry edges by the quai off
Dieppe beach.
The memorial to the Canadian
Essex-Scottish regiment who came
ashore on the East Beach.
Hotels line the Blvd Verdun
facing the Lawns.
Castle Dieppe dates from the
15th Century and now is home to
a Museum of the IvoryTrade.
The famous cliffs at the western
end of Dieppe beach.
The Place du Canada
commemorates the long relationship
between Canada and Dieppe.
The Allied Naval Memorial at
the Place du Canada.
The Operation Jubilee (Dieppe
Raid) memorial at Place du
A panorama of Dieppe from the Chateau de Dieppe (Dieppe
Castle Museum).
The grounds of Castle Dieppe.
Now a musuem.
The tower of Castle Dieppe in
the fog.
The entrance to the Castle is a
bridge over a deep gully.
The ruins of a German Atlantic
Wall bunker atop the Western
Cliffs looking over the beaches.
Les Tourelles built in the 15th
century is the sole remaining
gate of seven town gates.
The Memorial of 1942
Les Tourelles gate. It survived
because it was used as a prison.
The Church of St. Remy was first
built here in 1000 AD but the current
structure dates from 1522 AD.
The interior of the Church of St.
Pedestrian Rue St. Jacques in
the heart of Dieppe.
Place St. Jacques, the main
square of Dieppe. The Church
of St. Jacques is to the right.
The Church of St. Jacques a
Norman gothic church
reconstructed several times
since the 13th century.
The interior of Eglise St.
Jacques. Under extensive
The tide is in and the small
trawler I saw earlier is now
floating in the harbour.
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The view inland on Dieppe
beach from the shoreline.
The ferry to Newhaven,
England. Beneath the Church
of Notre Dame.
A dense fog blew in off the North
Sea and enveloped the town in
a matter of minutes.
The Chateau de Dieppe looms
up out of the fog.
Church on the cliff
The Lawns
August 19, 1942
Dieppe beach
Dieppe beach
Sailor's Church
Collision course
Essex - Scottish
Clifftop castle
Cliffs of Dieppe
Canada Place
Naval monument
Castle courtyard
The Fog
The fog
Les Tourelles
St. Remy
Saint Remy
Rue St. Jacques
Place of St. Jacques
Church of St. Jacques
Church of St. Jacques