The Chateau at Fougeres was
built on a rocky outcrop in a marsh
formed by the Nancon River.
The Entrance to the forecourt
through the 12th century La
Haye Saint-Hilaire Tower.
The 13th Century Hallay Tower.
Henry II of England burned down the
earlier wooden castle in 1166 AD.
The Inner Courtyard viewed from
the Outer Bailey gate. In the
foreground is a bridge over the moat.
Guemadeuc, La Haye Saint
Hilaire and Hallay Tower in the
The ramparts viewed toward the
Inner Bailey where the original
Castle stood until 1166 AD.
The Inner Bailey with Melusine (left)
and Gobelins (right) towers. The keep
sat on the rocks in the foreground.
The crenellated Western
curtain wall. Note the murder
Melusine tower and Gobelins
Tower in the background.
The Western curtain wall built
up out of the rock outcrop.
The 15th Century Eglise St.
Sulpice. Note the pigeons
clinging to the steep roof.
Remains of the local Lord's Great
Hall in the Outer Bailey. His
residence in times of peace.
High up in the air is the gate to
the Inner Bailey.
The grandest of the Towers is
Melusine Tower which
functioned as a Keep.
A cocky dog sitting in the middle
of the road contemplates
moving for an oncoming truck.
The Raoul Tower constructed of
granite in the 15th Century was
added in the 15th Century.
The horseshoe-shaped Surienne (left) and Raoul (right)
towers were designed to allow fire at attackers at the
base of the walls. They were also a response to artillery.
The Gatehouse into the town of
Fougeres. The town was walled
to protect Brittany from France.
The Moat between the Town
walls and the entrance to the
The moat protecting the Town
Walls and the Gatehouse.
The Walls of Fougeres.
Ultimately unsuccessful at
keeping out the French.
The view from atop the Town
Walls toward the Castle.
A medieval shop along a street
in Fougeres.
Eglise Saint Leonard dates from
the 15th Century.
Behind the Eglise St. Leonard
there was an excellent view of
the Town Walls and the
Chateau of Fougeres.
An equestrian statue of General
de Lariboisiere who was one of
Napoleon's Generals. He was
born in Fougeres.
Interesting artwork on the side of
a building suggesting a
passageway through it.
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The forecourt and Coigny
Tower (center) as seen from
high up Melusine Tower.
The View down from the top of
Melusine Tower in the Inner
Inside St. Suplice Church. Much
of the interior is original 15th
Century woodwork.
At Halley tower the Castle meets
with the Gatehouse of the Town
Rebuilt in Stone
Three Towers
Inner Bailey
Murder Holes
Two Towers
Rocky outcrop
Church of St. Sulpice
Great Hall
Inner Bailey Gate
Castle Keep
Two Towers
Curtain wall
St. Sulpice
Town Walls
Town Walls
Town Walls
Town Walls
Old Shoppe
Saint Leonard
Bird's eye view
General Lariboisiere
Melusine tower and Gobelins
Tower in the background.