Mont St. Michel from the causeway leading out to the Abbey. The first
monastic settlement here dates from the 8th Century. Most of the visible
structure dates from the 11th and 12th centuries.
Crowds of tourists at
Boulevard Gate to the abbey.
The abbey entrance and
barbican and gate protecting it
were built in the 14th Century.
The Great Inner Staircase in the
ditch between the walls. The
wooden bridge is a later addition.
The Couesnon River winds past Mont
St. Michel. The dam in the distance
has caused the mud flats to grow.
The facade of the Church facing
the West Terrace. This current
form was completed in 1780.
The granite colonettes of the
cloister were carved in England.
The Guests Room in the Eastern
Building of the Abbey.
The enormous fireplaces in the
Guests Room in the Eastern
The wheel was added in the
19th Century when the abbey
was also a prison.
The Wheel pulled a trolley up
the side of the abbey to bring
supplies from the village.
The Guests Room in the
Western Building. The far wall
is actually a mirror.
The Abbey built out of the solid
granite of the rock.
The trolley as seen from below
in the Village.
The only street of the Town of
Mont St. Michel. Crowded with
hordes of tourists. The town only
has a population of 50.
English bombards left behind
from the unsuccessful siege of
the Mont from 1424 - 1433 AD.
After the siege was lifted more
defenses were added like
Gabriel Tower (1524 AD).
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Tombelaine Island once held a
small abbey where monks went
to retire.
The Cloisters, an area for
meditation was added in the
13th Century.
Saint Aubert's Chapel alone on
the west side of the Mont.
A creepy, old house near the
bus stop in Pontorson.
Abbey on a rock
Abbey and causeway
Too crowded
Inner Staircase
Couesnon River
The Minster
Small Tomb Island
The Cloisters
Guest Room
The Wheel
Mirror Illusion
The Rock
The Trolley
Gabriel Tower
Small Chapel
Haunted House