The Keep of the Castle of Rouen
is the most visible remains of the
castle built in 1204 AD.
Typical street in the Old town
area of Rouen.
Timber-framed buildings on
Rue de l'Hopital near Eglise
Rue Saint-Nicholas pedestrian
street in the old part of Rouen.
St-Amant restaurant on Rue
Saint-Amant, a side street near
Rue Saint-Nicholas.
Eglise St-Maclou built between
1437 and 1521 as viewed from
Place Barthelemy.
Cathedrale Notre Dame begun in
1201 AD and completed in 1514 AD.
The spire was replaced in 1822 AD.
Alley just off Rue due la
Republique near St-Ouen.
Eglise St-Ouen was begun in 1318
AD interrupted by the 100 year War
and completed in the 15th Century.
Rouen City Hall.
Medieval buildings lean over the
street in Rouen's Old Town.
The seriously dumb looking Eglise
Jeanne d'Arc built in 1979 AD to
look like an overturned boat.
Place de Vieux Marche. Joan
of Arc was burned here in 1431
AD by the English.
Gare de Rouen Rue Verte
(Rouen Train station) was
opened in 1847 AD.
Tour Jeanne d'Arc so named
because Joan of Arc was held
here in 1431 AD.
The Gros Horloge is an astronomical
clock (16th century) though the
movement is older (1389).
The 135m long nave of the
Cathedral of Notre Dame. Note
the damaged WWII flag.
An interesting wooden staircase
in a corner of the Cathedral.
The Bureau des Finances (1509
AD) is now a Tourist Office.
The remains of a Church at the
corner of Rue Aux Ours and
Rue Jeanne d'Arc.
The River Seine form Jeanne
d'Arc Bridge looking East
toward Paris.
WWII shell damage to the
Palace of Justice.
Inside the largely empty (and
dusty) Eglise St-Ouen it is 137m
long and 26m wide.
A clear view of Eglise St-Ouen
from the gardens out back.
Half-timbered houses along Rue
des Faulx.
Walking along Rue des Faulx.
The remnants of an
old-fashioned billboard painted
on the side of a building.
Wandering along a pedestrian
street in Rouen's Old Town.
The strange interior of Eglise Jeanne d'Arc which was built in
1979 AD. The architect's concept was an over-turned boat
representing the fishermen.
The World Cup game between
France and Portugal is shown
live on the big screen in Place
de Vieux Marche.
Every night images are
projected onto the Cathedral of
Notre Dame facade.
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Tour Jeanne d'Arc
Old Town
Old and the new
Nice Walk
Did not eat here
Church of St. Maclou
St-Romain Tower
Medieval Street
The early Gothic Tour
St-Romain (left) and the central
doorway of the Cathedral.
Renaissance building on the
edge of Old Town.
Hotel de Ville
Up turned boat
Joan of Arc
Train Station
Under Construction
Grave of the Viking Rollo who
became the first Duke of
Normandy (860 - 932AD).
Effigy of Richard the Lion-Heart.
Only Richard's heart is buried in
Rouen Cathedral.
Viking Grave
Heat of a Lion
One Tower
Palais de Justice
Rollo's Church
Rue des Faulx
Petit Beurre Lu Lu
Medieval Street
France 1 Portugal Nil
Modern Art ??
Rue des Faulx