From the train I could see the 295
foot tall Cathedral at Coutances.
Completed in 1274 AD.
Downtown Dol-de-Bretagne. A
village where I changed trains
on the way to St-Malo.
Dol Cathedral know as St. Samson. It
was rebuilt in the 13th century after
King John burned it down in 1203 AD.
Inside Dol Cathedral, it is 100m
long and 20m high.
A maze on the pavement in
the lot in front of the Cathedral.
Dol Cathedral from behind. The
stained glass in the choir is the
oldest in Brittany.
A quiet backstreet in
Buildings built over the street
along the main street of the
Intra-Muros (Rue Broussais).
A wooden passageway over the
street inside the walled town of
St. Malo..
The jetty protecting the pleasure
craft marina.
Petit Be, a tidal island surrounded
by water at high tide. The fort was
built by Vauban in the 17th century.
A canon along the seawall of St.
Malo. Petit Be is actually
accessible on foot at low tide.
A statue dedicated to Jacques Cartier.
He sailed from St. Malo in 1534 and
explored the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
The tidal islands of Grand Be
and Petit Be. The causeway to
Grand Be.
Formerly Fort Royal now Fort
National. It can be walked to at
low tide.
The walls and bastions of St.
Malo starting to be exposed as
the tide goes out.
From the newly exposed beach I took a panorama of St.Malo. The
defences were designed by Marshall Vauban in the 17th Century. It
rebuffed one attack by the British in 1693 AD.
Leaving Fort National after
taking a 30 minute tour.
Fort National was constructed in
the 17th Century.
A dangerous waves sign at the
sea gate into St. Malo.
Chateau St. Malo and the town
square. The screen is for the
coming nights World Cup Final.
A bastion making up St. Malo
castle (chateau).
Walking along the landward
wall of the battlements.
From the inland wall I can look
clear across St. Malo to the
seaward wall.
Fancy hotels face a small
square in a bend in the wall.
Basin Vauban inland of St.
Malo is part of the defence of
the walled town.
A snooping seagull looks in a
bedroom window.
Porte St. Pierre looking our at
Petit Be at Low tide.
The beaches are exposed at
low tide looking toward St. Malo
from Grand Be.
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The Hotel Central (where I
stayed) in the Intra-Muros (inside
the walls) of St. Malo.
Cathedrale St-Vincent
constructed between the 12th
and 18th centuries.
St. Malo as seen from Fort National. Much of St. Malo's
historic town within the walls had to be rebuilt following
Allied bombing in 1944.
Coutances Cathedral
Cathedrale St-Samson
Hotel Central
Petit Be
Petit Be
Jacques Cartier
Grand Be
Fort National
Half hour tour
Fort National
Look out
World Cup
Chateau St. Malo
Small town
Hotel pomme de'Or
At low tide the pleasure boat
marina is full of stranded boats.
Tall Ships
Low tide
Porte St. Pierre
Grand Be
Petit Be
Petit Be
Rock climbing
Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier
Rose Window
Intra Muros
High Tide
Sea Wall
Swimming area
Robert Surcouf
Fort National
No Beaches
Tide display
Tidal Display
Sunset 1
Sunset 2
Sunset 3
After dark
After dark
Ham and Cheese Crepes
The small fortress on Petit Be is
being restored by volunteers.
As the tide went out the
causeway to Petit Be cleared. I
did not wait and waded across.
The huge jumble of rocks that
Petit Be is built on. There is no
approach you have to climb.
An inscription on the floor of
the Cathedrale St. Vincent
honoring Jacques Cartier.
Atop the battlements of Petit Be
The grave of Jacques Cartier.
The bizarre altar in the rebuilt
Cathedrale St. Vincent and
behind the rose window.
The center intersection near
my Hotel - where I ate supper
every night.
The bastion at the main gate
into the Intra-Muros.
A really neat building at a street
corner in the Intra-Muros.
Fort National surrounded by the
sea after the tide came in.
The beaches in front of St. Malo
vanish at high tide. The water
comes right up to the sea wall.
The pleasure craft marina at
high tide, all the boats are
floating now.
The statue of the privateer
Robert Surcouf who brought a
lot of wealth to St. Malo.
The beach and swimming area
at high tide. Only the diving
board remains above water.
Fort National looks to be far out
in the channel.
The beaches are completely
gone from in front of St. Malo.
At 7:30 PM the sea has come
in and it is a swim to get to Fort
The sun sets over Petit Be and
the English Channel.
At 6:20 PM Fort National can
still be reached on foot.
The sun sets between Petit Be
and Grand Be.
The ramp down to the beach is
under water.
The sun on the horizon beside
Petit Be.
The sun has dropped below the
A few shots from a sunset
sequence over Petit Be.
Town square in St. Malo and
the Hotel France et
Rue Broussais after sunset.
The corner near my Hotel and
the crepe stand where I ate a
lot of meals.
Cathedrale St. Vincent after