July 2006
Images from my July 2006 Trip to France.  I landed with no plans other then knowing I was
arriving and leaving from Paris.  I decided to do as much of Normandy and Brittany as possible.
 I only stayed at 4 Hotels but I went to 9 different cities including Paris, Rouen, Dieppe, Caen,
Bayeux, Dol de Bretagne, St. Malo, St. Michel and Fougeres.

This could have been called the "Best Western" trip.  I had picked a Best Western Hotel in
Paris and enjoyed the WiFi access with the convenience of surfing and sending email from my
Hotel room, no more searching for Internet Cafe.  So I had each Best Western I stayed at book
me ahead to a Best Western in the next town.

This was also the first time I took a Cam corder along with my usual digital camera.  I took about
3 hours in movies in addition to the hundreds of images.
The first and last city I stayed at was Paris.  I spent 4 days in Paris but really
only 1 day of sight-seeing.  Two days were wiped out due to travel and one
was Bastille Day.  I visited the usual sites on that one day, the Louvre, Eiffel
Tower and Notre Dame.  On Bastille Day I saw the Military parade and the
fire works but had terrible vantage points for both.  I seriously
underestimated how many people would show up and how many streets the
French Police would barricade.
The Bastille Day Parade.  Attempting to get
close enough to see something.
Once I had decided on Normandy as the place to spend my Vacation.  I took
the train to Rouen.  I had planned to spend 2 days but stayed a third when
the Tour de France blocked me out of my next destination.  I spent the
extra day in Dieppe.  Really the only WWII site I managed to make it too -
and an appropriate one for a Canadian.
Canadian Flag of flowers in the Canadian
Memorial in Dieppe park.
After the Tour de France left I was able to get into a hotel in Caen.  I
visited the Cathedral, the Joan of Arc Museum and the disappointing Le
Memorial de Caen.  I spent one day in nearby Bayeux and its excellent
Bayeux tapastry exhibit and War Museum.  In Caen and Bayeux I missed
out on opportunities to see the D-Day beaches by a combination of
over-pricing and circumstance.
A German Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer"
self-propelled gun before the entrance of the
Musee Memorial 1944 Bataille de Normandie in
The last stop before returning to Paris was St. Malo in Brittany.  My
favourite stay of the trip and I highly recommend.  I stayed in the
Intra-Muros (walled City) which was more expensive but well worth it.  I
was fascinated by the changing scenery caused by the large tidal range.  
Exploring mounds on the beach that became islands at high tide.  From
St. Malo I was also able to take the bus to St. Michel (too crowded) and
Fougeres.  I did not get to spend as much time in St. Malo as I would have
liked and I was there for 4 nights.  I also just missed the Tall-ships
reunion in St. Malo.  As I arrived the last of the tall ships had left the
harbour on the last day of a 4 day regatta.  I saw it only because it literally
got stuck in the lift bridge.
Famous St. Michel.  The guidebooks warn of the
crowds but they are beyond belief and make
enjoyment difficult.
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