Harlech and Tremadog bay as
seen from my room at Bryn
Bugeilydd (Bread & Breakfast).
It opened late so I had to wait to
enter.  The entrance was
originally a drawbridge.
The old village of Harlech from
the Tower.
Castle Harlech from the Train
Station.  A protected path lead
up to the castle to keep it
supplied during a seige.
Harlech Castle built in 1283 by
Edward I.  Originally it was situated on
the shore but the bay has receded.
The Gatehouse to Castle Harlech
now open.  During the War of the
Roses it withstood 7 years of seige
Not one for safety there were few
hand holds atop the tower.
Harlech Train station.  I spent
several hours before the train
finally came.
Tremadog Bay sunset from the
porch of the Bread & Breakfast.
A 270 degree view from atop the highest tower of Castle Harlech of the new land below the old shoreline.  In the
distance is Tremadog Bay and the mountains are the Snowdonia range.
The Coastal Train.  I wanted to go to
Portmeiron for the day by train but I
found the train was only twice per day.
Sun shining on the Castle.
Winding road into the village of
The Courtyard of the Castle.
Taking the Train toward the
Snowdonia mountains and
Harlech castle from a nearby
lookout.  It was captured in 1404 by
the Welsh under Olwain Glyn Dwr.
The back of the Gatehouse and
towers of the Castle.
Harlech Castle from the bus stop
across the street.
July 8, 2002
July 8, 2002
July 8, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 9, 2002
July 10, 2002
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