Some Perspective
I went on my first trip to Europe in 2001.  I managed to get some time off in September from
work after a friend who had travelled to Europe before suggested I go along on his next trip.

Our trip was to start September 14th, 2001.  As everyone in the World knows, Air Travel was
disrupted at this time because of the Tragedy of 9/11.  So instead of arriving in the early
Afternoon on a Saturday - we arrived late on Sunday night (9:00 PM Local).

We went quickly to London from Gatwick and grabbed Hotel Rooms in the first place we arrived
- Belgravia near Buckingham Palace.  I had terrible jet-lag on the first evening and could not
sleep something that has never repeated itself in my trips since.
What is Here
Once in Great Britain we used our Railpass with great success and went all over the place in a
short period of time.  Visiting London, Edinburgh, Inverness, York, Dover, Portsmouth, Havant,
and Salisbury.  It all seemed a little hectic and rushed and I have always made a point to take a
little time to see the sites in my trips since.  But I did not know if I would ever get the time to
travel again so I wanted to fit in as much as possible.

I have arranged Galleries of Images from the 35mm photos I took on the trip.  I brought my
sister's old 35mm point and click camera and 4 rolls of film.  I ended up spending a lot of money
on film as I shot over 500 photos.

Unfortunately, my photography was untrained and clumsy.  I got some good shots but I made a
number of amateur mistakes.  Some quite comical and a few were very disappointing like when I
spent a day and a roll of film in the British Museum only to discover the film had slipped off the
spindle and ruined the entire roll.

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