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Hadrian's Arch
Fallen Column
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Olympian Zeus
Long Shadows
Tourist Shops
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Hadrian's Library
Tower of Winds
Gate to the Acropolis
The crowds
The Acropolis
Plaka Neighbourhood
Hill of the Wolves
The Erechtheion
The Caryatids
Temple Roof
Repair Work
The Propylaia
Athena Gate
The Roman Agora
Tower of Winds
Tritons and Giants
God of Fire
The Acropolis
The Marketplace
Temple of Hephaestus
Temple of the Blacksmith
in the shade
on the dig
In the Cathedral
In the Cathedral
Changing of the Guard
Don't mind me
the little cathedral
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The nightlife
Blue sky at night?
Greek Church
Greek Church
This is Athens
The big picture
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Megali Mitropoli Greek Orthodox
church. The major cathedral in
Hadrian's Arch (AD 132) near the
Temple of Olympian Zeus.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus the
fallen column came down in a
windstorm in 1852.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus had
104 Corinthian columns 17 meters
The best view of the full extent of
the Acropolis was from the Temple
of Olympian Zeus.
Temple of Olympian Zeus at an
angle to see the sun shining through
the columns.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus just
as the sun is setting.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus was  
begun in the 6th Century BC and
completed in 131 AD by Hadrian.
Wandering around the pedestrian
streets in the Plaka neighborhood.
The Acropolis early in the morning
from the roof of my Hotel.
The remains of Hadrian's Library
(2nd Century AD) which at one time
had 100 columns.
The Tower of the Winds (1st Century
BC and the Roman Agora. The
Acropolis in the background.
The Theatre of Dionysos (342-326
BC) seated 17,000 in 64 tiers of
The theatre of Dionysos. Twenty tiers
of seats remaining and a few of the
throne seats in the front row.
The Beule Gate at the base of the
Propylaia the main entrance to the
The Parthenon as I arrived atop the
Acropolis. The only time I saw
crowds of tourists on my trip.
The west end of the Acropolis.
Almost none of the frieze remains
(see British Museum).
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus (161
AD) built by a wealthy Roman in
memory of his wife.
The Parthenon (447-438 BC) which
means "virgin's apartment". The
largest doric temple evey built.
The hole in the side is the damage
to the Parthenon from Venetian
canon attacking the Turks in 1687.
A view across the rocky expanse of
the Acropolis towards the Parthenon.
Plaka neighborhood and the Megali
Mitrpoli Church. A close-up of the
Athos Hotel (my hotel).
Lykavittos Hill (hill of wolves) so
named as wolves inhabited its slopes
in ancient times.
The Erechtheion (421-406 BC) the
home of the sanctuaries of Athena,
Poseidon and Erichthonius.
The six Caryatids of the south
portico modelled after women from
The main temple of the Erechtheion
dedicated to Athena and Poseidon.
Side view of the Parthenon it
consists of 8 columns at either end
and 17 along the side.
The Erechtheion from the west
centered on the caryatids.
The 8 fluted doric columns of the
East end of the Parthenon.
The Propylaia (437-432 BC) as I was
leaving It survived intact until a gun-
powder explosion in the 17th Century.
The Gate of Athena Archegetis at
the entrance to the Roman Agora.
Built in the 1st Century AD.
The ruins of the Roman Agora and
the Tower of Winds.
The Tower of Winds built in the 1st
Century BC by the Syrian
Astronomer Andronicus.
The ruins of the Odeon of Agrippa
(15 BC) in the Greek Agora. The
statues are of Tritons and Giants.
The Temple of Hephaestus (449 BC)
in the Greek agora at the heart of
what was the area for smiths.
The Acropolis as seen from the park
like area of the Greek Agora.
The recreated Stoa of Attalos
(1953-1956). Based on the design of
the original 2nd Century BC version.
The 34 doric columns of the
Temple of Hephaestus. The frieze
depicts the labours of Heracles.
The Temple of Hephaestus.
Under the lower level of the Stoa of
Attalos. There are a total of 45
columns on 2 levels.
Archaeologists digging in the dirt in
the Greek Agora.
The altar and interior of the Megali
Mitropoli cathedral (1842-62).
Inside the Megali Metropoli it was
built with marble from 72 destroyed
Changing of the Guard at the Tomb
of the Unknown Soldier by the
After the changing of the guard the
evzones stand at attention in the
shade while tourists snap pictures.
Amazing woodwork in a Greek
The interior of a Greek Church near
Lykavittos Hill.
The sea of white buildings in Athens
as seen from atop Lykavittos Hill.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus and
the Acropolis as viewed from atop
Lykavittos Hill.
Greek men playing dominoes near a
public square. There were domino
stores in Athens.
The Church of Agios Eleftherios was
built in the 12th century and was
once the cities cathedral.
A pedestrian street in Plaka at night.
The streets were more crowded after
dark then the daytime.
The Acropolis and the Tower of the
Winds at night with a long shutter
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