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A photo from the ferry Knossos
Palace approaching Crete.
Venetian Wall built from 1462-1562
stood for 22yr siege by the Turks
before falling in 1669.
The view from my Hotel Rooftop of
German built Krauss Locomotive on
display near the harbour. There are
no railways in Crete.
Venetian Harbour fortress built in
1211. Known as the Rock at the Sea.
Cretan fishing boats in the harbour.
The remains of the Venetian arsenal.

The sea wall of the breakwater for the
Possibly Mount Ida the highest peak
on Crete.
The Venetian Fortress also known as
Koules (tower in Turkish).
The Venetian Lion of St. Mark.
Stairs inside the fortress.  A small
hole in the wall lets in a beam of
On the Battlements of the Venetian
The harbour and the Venetian
The causeway breakwater to the
The roof of the Fortress.
A very slippery ascent from the
fortress dungeons to the roof.
The dungeons under the fortress.
The dungeons under the fortress.
The Venetian fortress from the
harbours edge.
The church of Agios Saint Titos, the
church was built at first by the
Byzantines around 962 A.D.
The Loggia, during Venetian times
it was a meeting place for nobility.
Inside the Loggia is an open air
meeting room where merchants
could meet and gossip.
The seals on the walls of the Loggia
celebrate important merchants. This
man lived or was a member from
The13th century St. Mark's Basilica.
Siege Walls
View from the Hotel
Locomotive to no-where
Sea Fortress
Fishing Fleet
Sea Wall
Mt Ida ??
Sea Fortress
Lion of St. Mark
Beam of Light
Fortress Roof
Darkened Halls
Sea Fortress
Church rebuilt 1923
Gentlemen's Club
Loggia Hall
Merchant of Venice
St. Mark's
Under Construction !
Crowds at the Market
The Lion or Morosini fountain built in
1628 by the Venetians and named after
the Venetian governor during that time.
The lions on the fountain pre-date the
rest of the structure by 100 years.
The Marketplace.
July 2nd and 3rd, 2008