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Mount Helikon (5,738 ft) the home of
the Nine Muses in Greek Mythology.
The Marketplace at Delphi added by
the Romans to sell offerings, food,
The Delphi Roman Marketplace.
The Christians added the crosses
later to take control of the site.
Delphi is built on the slopes of
Mountains in Central Greece.
The mountain valley viewed from
The dedicative of the Kings of
Argos. Where the Kings of Argos
placed their offerings.
I went to Delphi on a 12 hour tour. Here
our guide (red hat) talks to the group in
front of the Athenian Treasury.
The omphalos (center) of the earth
from Greek Mythology. Placed by
Zeus' Eagles (a copy see below).
Athenian Treasury, built to
commemorate the Athenians' victory
at the Battle of Salamis.
The retaining wall built to support the
terrace housing the construction of the
second temple of Apollo in 548 BC.
The gymnasium was a series of
buildings used by athletes
competing in the Delphic Games.
Detail of the writings on the Polygonal
retaining wall. Athenian slaves
detailed their lives on the stones.
The ruins of the Temple of Apollo
visible today date from the 4th century
BC are of a peripteral Doric building.
The Temple had a 6 x 15 column
pattern. The columns were of local
stone painted in white Marble dust.
The Temple of Apollo was erected
on the ruins of 2 earlier temples (6th
and 7th century BC.
The Temple of Apollo home to a
Temple and the Delphic Oracle.
The Theatre was originally built in the
4th century BC. Its 35 rows and can
seat 5,000 people.
The theatre was built further up the hill
from the Temple of Apollo giving
spectators a view of the entire sanctuary.
The stadium for the Delphic Games
built in the 5th Century by the
Greeks had no seating.
The Roman Herodus Atticus added
the stone seating in the 2nd Century
BC. It could seat 6500.
The Stadium track was 177 metres
long and 25.5 metres wide.
The rock face above the Stadium.
Due to the danger of falling rocks we
were not allowed in the stadium.
The Archaeological Museum at
Delphi and a display of offerings
(mainly captured shields).
Offerings of Helmets found at Delphi
made of Bronze.
Large Sphinx of Naxos sitting on an
Ionic column about 10m tall. circa
560 B.C.
East pediment of the Siphnian
Treasury The sculptures represent the
struggle between Apollo and Heracles.
Siphnian Treasury East Frieze detail
representing the battle of Troy. Note
some of the original colour remains.
Kouros Statues of the Archaic
Period (circa 580 B.C.). They are
known as Kleovis and Biton.
Gold and Ivory (blackened by fire)
statues of Apollo, Artemis and Hera.
The Statue of a Bull made of Silver
and Gold, 6th century BC.
Statue of Hagias, an athlete. A
marble copy of a bronze statue
made by Lysippos in 340 BC.
The remains of the Omphalos which
would have resided in the Temple of
Statue of a Philosopher made of
Marble in the 3rd century BC.
The Charioteer of Delphi, 470 BC,
5'11" cast in bronze. Offering made
by Polyzalus the tyrant of Gela.
Model of what Delphi may of looked
like. Made before the Stadium was
uncovered by Archaeologists.
The view from a restaurant in
Arachova a small town a short
distance from Delphi.
Arachova a town of under 5,000 on
the slopes of Mt. Parnassos at an
altitude of 950 meters.
There are no streets going directly
up the mountain only stairs. The
roads loop down the side of the
Arachova and the mountain valley.
In the distance is the Sea (Gulf of
A tower in Arachova overlooking the
The homes of Arachova climbing up
the side of the mountain.
Homes clinging to the side of the
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