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The rebuilt South Propylaea in the
ruins of Knossos.
The South Propylaea Cup-Bearer
frescoes (copies).
Some of the imaginatively restored
ruins of Knossos. Only a field of
rubble was found.
The Lustral Basin building. The
Palace was built from 1700 to 1400
BC. The site is 130 m on a side.
Inside one of the larger recreated
The maze like structures of the Palace
A rebuilt staircase.
Giant pithoi ceramic jars used for
holding olive oil, wine or grain.
Jumbled rocks of a recreated wall.
The rebuilt East Wing with distinctive
Minoan pillars.
The North Entrance with the famous
Bull Frescoe.
Slumping steps on the edge of the
Prince of the Lilies frescoe in the
Heraklion Archaeological Museum.
The Toreador Fresco, painted around
1550-1450 BC, in which a young man,
flanked by two women, apparently
leaps onto and over a charging bull's
An intricate Minoan Vase in the
A bull's head vessel which was used
as a libation vessel.
The famous Snake Goddess statues.
Also the symbolic double headed axe.
Labyrinth comes from Labrys or
double bladed axe.
The Phaestos disk, a 16 cm disk with
as of yet untranslated pictographs.
July 3rd, 2008
Fake Ruins
Cup Bearers
Crowds of tourists
Lustral Basin
Not much
Maze of the Minotaur
Re-created ruins
Big Jars
Puzzle wall
Bull Fighters
Elephant Steps
Prince of Lilies
Bull Jumping
Black Jug
Snake goddess?
undeciphered disk