Big Jug
Poseidon or Zeus ?
Three Figures
and their off !
Hey how's it going?
Stern teacher
Zeus or Herakles ?
Get away
Emperor of Rome
oww !
Frying Pans
From the sea
Bronze Story Panels
The shattered helmet
Olympic Champion
Egyptian Princess
The boxers
The National Archaeological Museum
Trigger for Greek withdrawl from NATO
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The National Archaeological
Museum. Built from 1866-1869.
The Dipylon amphora.
The Artemision Bronze of Poseidon
or possibly Zeus. Discovered in the
sea near Artemision in 1926.
Funerary vase from Marathon
depicting Helen's first abduction by
Theseus, 430-420 BC.
Funerary statues.
The jockey of artemision, bronze
Bronze Antikythera Ephebe a statue of a
young man found in the sea near
Antikythera in 1900, from about 340 BC.
The stoic philosopher's head from the
Anitkythera shipwreck.
Marble statue.
Marble statue of Aphrodite, Pan and
a Cupid.
Bronze of Augustus Caesar.
Bronze statue of a woman.
Collection of ceramic frying pans.
Statue badly damaged from a long
immersion in the sea.
Sanctuary of Olympus - 4 panels,
eagles, griffons, Herakles shooting arrows
at centaurs, mistress of animals.
Bronze Military helmet.
Gold Olympic Laurels.
Bronze statue of the princess-priestess
Takushit, dating to around 670 BC.
Standing 70cm high and wearing a gown
covered in hieroglyphs, the statue was
found south of Alexandria in 1880.
Classic vase.
Frescoes from the ruins of Santorini.
The boxers and antelope.
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter (1954)
fighter-bomber variant.
Northrop F-5A (1962) Freedom
Fighter light fighter.
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak
(1954) light fighter (made famous
in the Korean war).
The first greek warplanes were the
Henry Farman III which served in both
Balkan wars and WWI.
Nike-Hercules ground to air or ground to
ground missile, Until the late 1980s the
Air Force deployed Nike-Hercules
Missiles armed with U.S. nuclear