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The G. Averoff armoured cruiser at
Trocadero marina. Commissioned:
May 16, 1911.
Length: 459.3 feet (140 meters).
Beam: 68.9 feet (21 meters).
Displacement: 10,200 tons
The stern deck and one of 2 twin 9.2
inch turrets. As with must WWI era
warships the deck armour was light.
Averoff fought successfully against
the Turks at The Battles of Elli and
One of four axis mounted twin 7.5
inch turrets. They have a limited
field of fire.
The bow from the bridge of the
Averoff. The Olympic venues from
2004 are in the distance.
The bridge of the Averoff.
HN Velos, a destroyer, originally the
USS Charrette 1942 transfered to
Greece in 1959. Museum ship 1991.
Below decks on the Averoff. A fair
number of the decks were open.
The main bow twin 9.2 inch turret,
The ships Chapel. A Greek Orthodox
A Capstan marked with the shipyard
in Italy that built her.
A view of the Averoff from the dock
near the stern.
A view of the Averoff from the dock
at the bow.
The ensign on the mast signifies that
Averoff is still an active ship in the
Hellenic Navy.
The Averoff looking about ready to
set sail.
A panoramic view of the Averoff
taken from on board the Velos.
The 5 × 21 inch torpedo tubes for
the Mk14 torpedoes on Velos.
The destroyer Velos now on Museum
ship duty. The main armamet is 4 x
5 inch guns.
The Olympias trireme built 1985-87
by donations and the Hellenic Navy.
It carried the Olympic torch in 2004.
The Olympias in its shelter. It is 36.9
meters long and 5.5 meters wide.
The three banks of oars that give the
trireme its name. The 170 oarsmen
can propel the trireme to 10 knots.
The stern and steering oars of the
The tram arriving at Trocadero
station. Built in 2004 to move
tourists to the Olympic venues.
The Small Harbour (Mikrolimano)
has  fish restaurants all along its
The beach of Piraeus between the
two harbours.
The National Maritime Museum - a
lot of models mostly. No pictures
allowed inside.
The conning tower of a Greek WWII
era submarine.
Zea Marina and Castello hill rising
in the background.
Piraeus Archaeological Museum, and
the  Lion of Moschato funerary
restored mausoleum of a foreign
merchant Kalithea
Mass produced funerary stones.
The bronze ram off of a trireme
pulled from the harbour.
A stone with standard measures from
the marketplace.
The unique bronze Kouros Apollo
statue (520 BC) discovered buried
under some rubble in 1959.
The bronze statue of Artemis.
The bronze statue of Athena.
Black figure vases from 6th Century
BC (left) and red figure vases from
5th-4th Century BC (right).
A stone engraved with standard units
of distance related to the human
body. From the Marketplace.
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Ancient Bronze Apollo
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Recovered from the sea
Units of Distance
Grave Markers
The Velos
July 12th, 2008
The large funerary stone hall in the
Archaeological museum.