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Typical street in the old Venetian
part of Rethymno
Shops and restaurants in a back
street of Rethymno
Nerantzes mosque which was converted
from a franciscan church in 1657. The
buildings minaret was built in 1890.
An unexplained (Venetian?) carriage
parked in a square behind the
The tourist shopping district 1 street
over from the beach
Nerantzes Mosque which is now a
Music Conservatory
The comical remains of the
Venetian Rimondi Fountain
The Venetian Loggia or Gentleman's
Evening view of the sea from my
Apartment Hotel balcony
The crowded beach and the Fortress
or Fortezza in the background
The walls of the Venetian Fortress
built 1571 to 1600 AD
The gatehouse of the fortress.
The entrance gateway of the
Venetian Fortress from inside
The view of the Old Town of
Rethymno from the heights of the
The main avenue inside the Venetian
The small chapel on the grounds of
the Fortress
The fortress walls on the side facing
the sea
View from the fortress of the sea.
The Venetian Harbour.
Cactus in the overgrown grounds of
the Venetian Fortress
Chapel of the grounds of the fortress.
View of Fortress ruins through an
The Mosque built by the Turks on
the Fortress grounds after they
occupied Crete
The Venetian walls facing the sea.
A small roadside shrine holding
mementos and an icon
. A typical
arrangement found throughout
Odd trees lining an avenue inside
the Venetian Fortress.
The tables of a restaurant in the
middle of a street in the old town of
July 4th and 5th, 2008
Nerantzes Mosque
Royal Carriage
Shady backsteet
Mosque and Carriage
The Loggia
Relaxing with a beer
Life on the beach
Venetian Fortress Walls
Large Image
Oncoming Cowboy
View of the City
Avenue of odd palms
Fortress Chapel
Clear seas
The harbour and hotels
Small Chapel
Turkish Mosque
Sea wall
Roadside shrine
Big pinecone
Sidewalk restaurant
Worry Beads
A shop selling worry beads.