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Palace of the Grand Master of the
Knights of Rhodes. Rebuilt by the
Italians in 1912.
Eleftherias Gate into the Rhodes Old
Town. There are 11 gates through
the 12 meter thick walls.
The slippery stones that make up the
streets of Rhodes Old Town.
Old Town Streets a World Heritage
Byzantine Fortification wall
Athanasiou Gate on the southern
side of the Old Town.
Walls and the moat on the landward
side of the Old Town.
The Outer St John's Gate was built
by Knights of Rhodes.
Gate Karetou at the point where the
moat meets the sea.
A street in the Old Town.
Evreon Martyron square or The
"Square of the Martyred Jews",
St Catherine's Gate (or Sea Gate)
was the main gate of the town. It was
built in 1478.
The main street from the harbour to
Suleiman's Mosque.
Remains of the Cathedral of the
Knights of Rhodes. Destroyed by the
The Street of the Knights where the
residences of the Knights of Rhodes
were - now offices.
The Knights were divided into
groups according to their lands of
origin which were called Langues,
The Knights did not forget their
original purpose here is a Hospital
built by Grand Master Lastic.
A panoramic view of the Harbour as
seen from the Clock Tower.
Suleiman's Mosque from the clock
The original Palace of the Grand
master was largely destroyed in 1856
by a gunpowder explosion.
Agios Georgios church or Hurmalè
madrasa under the Turks.
The Clock Tower was built in 1856
on Byzantine ruins of a tower.
A shady street in Old Town.
Homes in the Turkish neighbourhood
of Old Town.
This homeowner decided he wanted
his home to stand out from the
The entrance to a back alley behind
the shops
Shops up against the southern walls
near Karetou Gate.
St. Athanasius' Gate and St. Mary's
Tower. On Christmas Day 1522 Sultan
Suleyman entered through this gate.
Rampart near St Athanasius' Gate,
surrounded by the moat it was
entered by tunnels from the Town.
Inner St Athanasius Gate
Street with Homes in the Old Town.
A fountain in Castellania square.
While standing on the balcony of
the Customs house.
Gate Milon on the edge of the
The ruins of a Gothic Catholic
church from the time of the Knights
of Rhodes.
St Nicholas' Tower built from
1464-67, the battlements were
added after the first attempted seige.
Windmills on the Commercial
Harbour breakwater.
The sea walls and the Commercial
harbour. The sculpture is a recent
The Tower of Spain is associated
with an episode which occurred
during the 1522 siege.
Street with homes in the Old Town.
The only Hotel I saw within the city
walls. There may be some but I did
not see any.
Shops along an old town street.
A boot of beer with my pizza at an
outdoor Cafe in the Old Town.
Souvenir shop on a boat in the
St. Paul Gate. The gate is surrounded
by a low wall and is protected by a
high tower
The Bridge to St. Paul's Gate.
St. Paul's Gate and Tower and the
wall between the Commercial
harbour and Mandraki harbour.
St. Nicholas Tower and battlements
on the edge of Mandraki Harbour the
historical harbour of Rhodes.
The Entrance to Mandraki harbour
and the columns placed by Italy.
New Town in the background.
The Grand Master's Palace from
across Mandraki Harbour.
The 2 columns at the Mandraki
harbour entrance mark the legendary
location of the Colossus of Rhodes.
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Fantasy Castle
Main Gate
Ouch !
Old Town
Ancient Fortress Wall
Sea Horse Fountain
Sea Gate
Turkish Mosque
Street of the Knights
Street of the Knights
Hospitalier Knights
View from the Tower
Palace of the Grand Master
Converted Turkish site
Clock Tower
Shady street
Turkish Buildings
Blue house
Low Bridge
Closed Gate
Fortress Canon Defenses
Inner Gate Defenses
Flowering vines
Gothic Cathedral
Sea Fort
Wind Mills
Last attempt by Force.
Pension Minos
Beer Boot
St. Paul's Gate
St. Paul's Gate
No Swimming !
St. Nicholas Tower
New Town
Grand Master's Citadel
Why Antelope ?
The beach on the western side of
the island and the hotels of New
The surf striking a pier.
The rocky coastline of Turkey is
visible with the naked eye from
The Temple of Apollo rising above
the trees on Mont Smith - the
Acropolis of Rhodes.
The 2nd -3rd Century BC Greek
stadium. It was one stadion in length,
namely 600 feet or 210 metres.
The authentic original surviving
sphendone (rounded end with
turning post).
Photo from the floor of the stadium
the stadium was filled with the shrill
sound of insects in the trees.
Retaining wall of the Acropolis.
Temple of Pythian Apollo. This stands
on the southern part of the hill, on the
west side of a large rectangular terrace.
Four restored columns and some of
the roof architecture of the Temple
of Apollo.
Resort Beaches
Temple of Apollo
Greek Stadium
Seats of the Officials
Roar of the crowd.
Wall of the Acropolis
Lone Tree Hill
Temple of Apollo
New town as viewed from the terrace
of the Acropolis.
The final stair up to the top of the
New Town of Rhodes and the
northern tip of the island. From atop
Mont Smith (Acropolis).
The view of the beach from atop
Mont Smith.
The western coast of Rhodes lined
with resort hotels along the beach.
View of New Town
Acropolis of Rhodes
Mont Smith
Quite a drop
Fallen columns
One big boat
Ruins of the Temple of Athena
Polias and Zeus Polieus on the
northern edge of the Acropolis.
A rather large Sailing ship
approaches Rhodes harbour.
July 7th and 8th, 2008