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The Temple of Poseidon at Cape
Sounion. The southernmost point of
The Temple was built in 440 BC to
replace an earlier Temple destroyed
by Xerses (King of the Persians).
The headland beyond the axe head
shaped mound that the Temple is
The view of the front of the Temple
of Poseidon
The temple had 42 columns of which
18 are still standing. The columns are
20 feet tall
The temple of Poseidon is a typical
hexastyle i.e. it had a front portico
with 6 columns.
According to legend King Aegeus
threw himself into the sea from this
spot giving his name to the Sea
The columns and bases are covered
with old graffiti including the poet
Byron's name
The peninsula is about 60 meters
above the sea
The small resort at Cape Sounion.
The platform that the Temple is built
on to give it a level surface.
The drop from the temple into the
sea 197 feet below
Classic view of the Temple as sailors
see it as the head out to sea
July 10th, 2008
View from the Restaurant
Lone tree hill
Land's end
Classic view
Big Picture
Long way down
Small cove
Where is everyone ?
Raise the White sails
Sailor's shrine