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Floating Tower
Neptune's Fountain
Tilting Tower
Old Piazza
Asinelli Tower
City Gates
Town Hall
Commune Hall
Unfinished Facade
Chopped off Arms
Unfinished arms
Hall of Whispers
Palazzo del Podesta
City of Towers
Red Roofs
Red roofs
Neptune Plaza
Leaning Tower
Two Towers
City Hall
Real lazy
Inner Chamber
Clock Tower
Gate Tower
Palazzo Re Enzo a palace built
in 1245. Named after a famous
Bronze Neptune sculpted in
1566 by an unknown frenchman
know as "Giambologna'.
The porticos of the Via Massiom
d'Azegio. Bologna has about
38km of covered portico.
Le Due Torri  - Torre degli
Asinelli and the leaning Torre
degli Garisenda.
The Piazza di Porta Ravegnana
in the shadow of the leaning
Torre degli Asinelli built by the
family of the same name in 1109.
Typical covered walkways of
Bologna called portico or
Reconstructed city gate near my
Hotel at the terminus Via Delli
Covered Portico leading to the
main square.
Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi
(1807–1882) an Italian military
and political leader.
Palazzo Comunale, The Town
Hall.  Once Palazzo Accursio
the home of that family.
A Wall of photos of partisans
killed by German occupiers late
in WWII.  
Palazzo del Podestà a civic
building built around 1200 as
the seat of the local podestà,
The Red nature of Bologna.
Palazzo del Podesta has a large
vaulted walkway under the
Tower. It is a whispering gallery.
Basilica of San Petronio, one of
the biggest in the world (1390).
San Petronio is unfinished the
transepts are cut off by tradition at
the order of Pope Pius IV (1559-65).
San Petronio's other unfinished
San Petronio's rear arm was
unfinished and made into a
Palazzo D'Accursio named for the
famed jurist who lived here in the
13th Century.
The other side of the Palazzo
del Podesta arched walkway.
The rickety, narrow wooden steps
of Torre degli Asinelli. There are
498 steps to the top.
View from atop the 98m Torre
degli Asinelli. Some of the other
towers of Bologna.
The roofs of the Basilica di
Santo Stefano.
The Basilica di San Petronio
from the tower.
The Piazza Nettuno from the
The top of the leaning
Garisenda Tower.
Le Duo Torri (The Two Towers).
Palazzo Comunale interior of
one end of the city hall.
The wide staircase designed to
allowed Horse-drawn carriages to
enter the Palace.
Basilica di San Petronio as seen
from the 2nd Floor of the City
The Piazza Nettuno open air  
theatre from the 2nd floor of City
A chamber within the City Hall.
Pedestrian only street.
A view of the Clock Tower of
Palazzo Comunale from under
Palazzo del Podesta.
The library and bookstore inside
the Palazzo Comunale.  Glass
covers the floor so you can look
down at old ruins under the floor.
The gatehouse on Via San
Felice. A wall once surrounded
all of Bologna.
The other side of the Gatehouse
at Via San Felice.
The Gatehouse on Via Delle