July 2005
In the Summer of 2005, I decided to travel to Italy.  I had been thinking about Prague but
once I got to the Travel Office I changed my mind.

The airfare this year was too high but I went anyway.  Otherwise costs for the trip were
reasonable and the weather was fantastic.  I was in Italy from June 30th to July 14th in the
height of tourist season.

I only noticed the crowds of tourists while I was at major sites like the Trevi Fountain, St.
Peter's and the Sistine Chapel.  Venice did not feel very crowded.  Rome was busy but mostly
with local traffic.
I ended up going to Rome, Florence, Venice and Bologna.  Fewer cities then I normally visit in
a 2 week trip but there was so much to see in Florence and Venice I stayed extra days in
those cities.  As per usual I took a LOT of digital images - 934 in total of which about 30 were
short 30 second movies taken with my digital camera.
Photo Galleries
Rome (Roma)
Florence (Firenze)
Venice (Venezia)
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On this trip I stayed at some particularly good hotels.  At the former palace of Emperor
Constantine's mother, now a Monastery, in the shadow of the coliseum, right next the Rialto
bridge in Venice and right on the main pedestrian street in Florence.
Island of San Giorgio, Venice
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