Piazza della Signoria Panorama
City Hall Statues
Uffizi Gallery
Ponte Vecchio
Festa di San Giovanni
Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Santa Trinita
Piazza Del Signoria
Black Bar
Palazzo Vecchio
Press Room
Basilica di Santa Croce
Basilica di Santa Croce
Judgement Day
Ponte Vecchio
Twilight Duomo
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Palazzo Vecchio
Back Street
Republic Square
Duomo World Heritage Site
Campanile (Bell Tower)
Street parade
The Duomo
Via Calzaiuoli
Press Room
Strozzi Palace
Night Life
Street Performer
The Fortress like Palazzo Vecchio
(City Hall) topped by the Torre
d'Arnolfo which is 94 meters high.
The Neptune Fountain in the central piazza dates from between 1550-1575. The Florentines call it "Il
Biancone", which may be translated as "the big white thing." It is not well-regarded. On the right is the
City Hall with a copy of Michelangelo's David (the original used to reside here but was moved).
Uffizi Palace (1560) became Europe's
first museum, open to the public (at
first only by request) since 1591.
The 14th Century bridge. It is
famous for jeweler merchants
The marching honour guard for
the Festa di San Giovanni
football match.
Ponte Vecchio bridge from the
Quiet back street near the river.
The Piazza del Repubblica was
originally the site of a Roman
Forum.  Rebuilt in the 19th C.
Cathedral of Santa Maria dei
Fiori known as the Duomo.
Begun in 1296 finished in 1887.
The Baptistery one of Florence's
oldest, buildings (4th or 7th
The Bell tower was added to the
Duomo in 1334. It is 82 meters
The Press Room in the City Hall.
The walls have a giant painting
of a Florentine victory in battle.
The Duomo is quite bare inside.
it is 155 meters long and 90
meters wide.
Details of the dome of the
Duomo and the marble facade.
The Via Calzaiuoli, the main
pedestrian street of Florence from
my Hotel window.
The Mercato Nuovo loggia built
in the mid-16th century to house
the cities gold and silver trade.
Ponte Santa Trinita rebuilt after
WWII. Michangelo is believed to
have drawn the plans.
The Dome was designed by
Brunelleschi the first of its kind
since the Roman Age.
View towards Piazza Del
Signoria from the top of the Bell
The Via Calzaiuoli, the street
with my Hotel.
The Black Bar on the corner of
the Piazza Del Signoria.
The interior garden of the
Palazzo Vecchio built by Arnolfo
di Cambio between 1298-1314.
The other side of the Press
Room and another giant
The Basilica di Santa Croce (1294).
The area before it is the Piazza di
Santa Croce with football stands.
Michaelangelo's tomb (left)
created by Vasari and a cenotaph
dedicated to Dante (right).
The City Hall at Sunset.
Huge crowds in front of the
Duomo on this day.
Judgement Day, Christ raises the
dead to Heaven (left) and Hell
(right). The roof of the Baptistery .
Piazza degli Strozzi a never
completed Palace. It is considered
one of the Renaissances finest.
The Ponte Vecchio is the only
bridge over the Arno River not
destroyed by the retreating
Germans in 1944.
Pedestrian only street.
The Duomo and Campanile at
A street performer works the
crowd near the Piazza del
Tourist Shops
On Ponte Vecchio bridge and
the tourist shops on it.
Buildings along the Arno River.