al Mare
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The Hotel Souvenir in
o al Mare. Just off the
main/only street down an alley.
Oratory of Santa Croce, at the
street corner near my hotel, built
in the sixteenth century.
The one road through
o al Mare is State
Road 38.
The village is basically a
number of shops and restaurants.
The tiny town square.
The private beach layout.
A statue of St. Francis of Assisi
(patron saint of animals).
The beach from the coastal trail
to Vernazza. Atop the rocky hill
is a ruined castle.
Monterosso village is split in two
connected by a tunnel under the
mountain. This side is the old
town. The raised area is the
coastal train line.
A hotel courtesy vehicle. Rarely
do you see cars in the village.
The parish church of St. John
the Baptist (1282-1307). Its
distinctive marble two colour
Restaurants along the main
The bright red Hotel Margharita
which was my signpost to turn
down the street to my hotel.
The coastal hiking trail between
o and Vernazza. Open
only one day per week at this
time (thankfully that was the next
The interior of the St. John the
Baptist church
The view south down the Cinque
Terre coastline from Monterosso.
Monterosso old town as seen
from the breakwater
The sandy beach in front of the
Monterosso new town.
The two branches of the State
Road 38 meet at a bustling
A couple of the private beaches
in the New Town
The pedestrian tunnel in
Riomaggiore leading to the Via
dell'Amore path
Via Telemaco Signorini the
main street in Riomaggiore.
Another view of Via Telemaco
Signorini the main street in
The buildings in Riomaggiore
are piled on top of one another
in a narrow valley perpendicular
to the sea
The train station located on the
side of a cliff
The start of the Coastal trail that
connects Riomaggiore to
. Unfortunately closed.
The remains of an ancient castle
above Rio Maggiore
. Historical
record of its building does not
exist. Legend dates it to 200 AD.
Looking up the valley
Riomaggiore is located in from
the coast.
Since the coastal trail was
closed I hiked up the hills into
the interior to head to Manarola
"I'm taking a shortcut!" Half way
up the hills I cut across on a road
connecting to Manarola.
Looking down at Rio Maggiore
from the top of the hills.
Rio Maggiore vineyards on the
side of the coastal hills.
A small stream flowing down
from the hills through
Looking down on Manarola from
the square.
The Church of St. Lawrence in
Manarola dates from 1338 AD.
Piazza Papa Innocenzo IV a
square above the village of
Manarola. At center is the
detached bell tower of the
Inside the Chiesa Di San
Lorenzo (St. Lawrence church).
Looking down on Manarola from
the above.
Looking down Via Renato Birolli
from Piazza Dario Capellini.
Looking north toward Corniglia.
The only one of the five villages
I did not visit.
The street running through
The perfect view of the Marina
in Manarola.
The view from Punta Bonfiglio
toward the marina.
Brave tourists leaping from the
rocks in the marina into the
water. Maybe a 10-15 foot drop.
Since there is not much of a
harbour the fishermen park their
boats on the main street.
Manarola certainly does not
have a beach. Instead a bunch
of rocks.
The other end of the trail from
Riomaggiore is another
pedestrian tunnel leading to the
Via dell'Amore path.
The marina. More a concrete
The marina and the bell tower of
the Church of Santa Margherita
di Antiochia.  This church was
built in 1318 on the site of a
former 11th century building.
The main street in Vernazza. Not
unlike the one in Rio Maggiore
and Manarola.
The square and building beside
the marina.
Climbing through the village to
the trail to Monterosso I got this
photo of the marina.
Climbing up into the hills above
Vernazza I got this photo of the
One of the back alleys leading to
homes in Vernazza.
The 15th Century Doria Castle
and tower built to defend
Vernazza from pirates.
The interior of the Church of
Santa Margherita. Entrance is
through the floor.  It is built
cliffside to the harbour.
A fair distance from Vernazza
this photo of the marina from the
high point of the trail.
Another photo of Vernazza from
even further away.
The only Cinque Terre trail that
was open was the longest and
hardest rated one between
Vernazza and Monterosso. It
seemed to be continually up hill.
Looking up the coast to
High in the hills above Vernazza
I got some great photos of the
village and the marina.
Looking south along the Ligurian
coast of Italy from Monterosso.
At the end of the path I reach
Monterosso. The Marina in the
center of the photo.
The path goes along the cliffs
approaching Monterosso.