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Porta San Giovanni the
entrance gate into San
Gimignano. The main street
(Via San Giovanni) leads from  
Looking down San Giovanni
street toward the Town Gate.
The main street is pedestrian
only.  There is really only one
other street.
San Gimignano is famous for its
. At one time they
numbered in the 40s now 14-16
remain depending on what you
consider a tower.
The passageway through to the
Piazza Cisterna
The hills and vineyards of
. Some classic Tuscan
style buildings as well.
The Piazza Cisterna named for
the cistern (1346AD) in the
center. The Tower is the Torre
del Diavolo, the Devil’s Tower.
A few former towers turned into
smaller buildings on the Piazza
The cistern in the foreground
was the town's main source of
water at one time
. The tall tower
in the background is the Torre
The Devil's Tower so named as
the owner came back from a
long journey and felt it had
grown taller
The Collegiate Church on
Piazza Duomo. Groundbreaking
was in the early 12th century.
Torre Grossa the tallest tower at
54 meters
. It was begun in 1300
and completed in 1311. The
attached building is the Palazzo
Five of the towers around Piazza
. The short one to the
right is Torre Chigi.
The view of fresco's in the Civic
Museum inside the Palazzo
The very modern steps up the
Torre Grossa
Atop the Torre Grossa with the
Hills of Tuscany in the back
The view from Torre Grossa
looking down Via San Giovanni
toward the town gate
Piazza Duomo and the roof of
the Church from atop Torre
On the left are the twin Salvucci
Towers. On the right is the oldest
surviving tower the Torre della
Looking down into the Piazza
Rocca di Montestaffoli was
originally a castle of the Lombard
Astolfo. Later a Dominican
Convent, the fortress was built by
the Florentines in 1353
The courtyard of the Palazzo
A covered walkway near the
town walls
Again on the left are the twin
Salvucci Towers. On the right is
the Torre della Rognosa
from the town hall.
The tall tower is the Torre
Grossa. Storm clouds moved in
from clear skies very quickly
Wandering down Via San
I took a break at a Cafe on
Piazza Cisterna just as it started
to rain and then pour
A WWI monument in the bus
park in front of the town
A tower at the corner of the
town walls.
The sun came our after about
30 minutes
. The streets were
pretty slick.