Back in Venice for the first time
since '05. Wandering around
waiting for my Hotel Room to be
Winding canal, a gondolier, old
buildings, postcard Venice.
While having lunch at a Lagoon
side restaurant this gigantic
cruise ship lumbered into the
Gesuati Church (1726), of the
Poor Gesuati order.
The view of the Grand Canal I
had from my Hotel Room.
The bell tower of Santo Stefano
in the distance. The bells in this
tower were from closed Catholic
churches in England.
Campo Sant’Aponal in the area
called “Carampane” this was the
“Red Light” quarter of Venice in
the past.
A Clock tower and the Rialto
bridge from the Campo
Sant'Aponal. This area was under
repair last time I was in Venice.
The busy Grand Canal at mid-day
from the Rialto Bridge.
One of the crowded Calle
leading from the Rialto to San
St. Mark's Clocktower in St. Mark's
Square. Built between
1496-1497. Seen from the side of
the Merceria (main street).
St. Mark's Square or The Piazza
San Marco. Looking toward the
Napoleonic Wing (1810).
The Campanile (bell tower) of St.
Mark's Church. Built in 1514 it
collapsed in 1902 and was rebuilt
in 1912. It is 323 feet tall.
The enclosed "Bridge of Sighs"
(1602) between the New Prison
and the Doge's Palace.
Santa Maria della Salute built to
give thanks for the end of the
1630 plague.
The Doge's Palace on the Piazzetta
San Marco. The first Palace was
begun in 1340. It has been
remodelled several times and
burned down on two occasions.
St. Mark's Clocktower from the
Piazza. The time is shown in 5
minute intervals by the small
A canal through the main island
homes. One of Venice's many
unique bridges.
People headed into the opera at
Teatro La Fenice. Burned to the
ground twice, the latest version of
the opera house was built in 2001.
Sunset on Hotels on the Grand
Canal near the Rialto bridge.
Sunset, the Grand Canal and a
A local bar. Since there is no
room inside, patrons take a glass
of wine or beer from a take-out
window and stand in the calle.
The Hotel Carlton on the Grand
Canal. My balcony is on the top
floor center of the photo on the
The Grand Canal from my Hotel
balcony in the early evening.
Night time view of the Grand
Canal from my Hotel balcony.
Water buses continue late into
the evening.
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa
dei Frari (1338).
known as the
Frari it is one of the greatest
churches in Venice.
The Rialto bridge over the Grand
Canal. The oldest (1591) of four
bridges to span the Grand Canal.
Campo San Luca in the heart of
Venice. In the centre of the
square there is a marble pedestal
and a flag-pole.
Lost? Could not help this photo.
Maps are pretty useless in
Venice (follow the signs instead).
The twin columns built at the
water on the Piazzetta San
Marco. One has the winged lion
and the other St. Theodore and
a crocodile (dragon).
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Gondola resting in the lagoon
in th early morning.
A delivery door to a building
complete with rings to tie off
the delivery boat.
San Giorgio dei Greci and its
leaning bell tower. Built for the
Greek community of Venice in
1539. The tower is completed in
1592 (44m).
San Zanipolo church (1430). The
facade is unfinished brick. The
statue is of Bartolomeo Colleoni
(1483) Captain-General of Venice.
Santa Maria Maddalena church
built in 1760 modelled on the
style of the Pantheon.
The Palazzo Priuli a former
palace and now a four star hotel
at the intersections of two canals.
A man on a stand up paddle
board (SUP). He was being filmed
so I expect it was a commercial.
That is the cemetery in the
Canal and a home on the
edge of one of the numerous
little campos.
A street market on Rio Terra San
Leonardo. These linked streets in
Cannaregio are the one area in
Venice where there are streets.
The Campo San Geremia in
Cannaregio. A large, open empty
campo seemingly out of place in
The Rialto bridge. The most
famous bridge in Venice and the
first to cross the Grand Canal
Palazzo's along the Grand
The Bridge of Sighs to the
Doge's Palace.
Evening Black Tie affair at the
Doge's Palace. Complete with
St Mark's Square at dusk looking
toward the Napoleon Wing.
Piazza San Marco looking
toward St. Mark's Basilica and
the Bell Tower.
Apparently where they park
gondola for the evening. the Trattoria al Ponte
on the Calle Larga. As the
evening comes restaurants
spring up eveywhere.
During the day an empty campo
now a restaurant beside the
The Grand Canal.  I believe
blue poles are for the police