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Water Bus Stop
Hotel Al Graspo De Ua Venezia
Grand Canal
Canal Walk
Napoleonic Wing
St Mark's Square
The Gold Church
Doge's Palace
Doge's Palace
Lion of St. Mark and St. Theodore.
Church of San Moise
Gondala Parking
Basilica of St Mary of Health/Salvation
Merchant Palace
Pedestrian Street
Calle San Marco
Gondala Stand
Bridge of Sighs
Leaning Towers
St. Mark's Square
Foscari Portico
Bridge of Sighs
Back Alley
Small Canal
Santa Maria della Salute
St. Mark's Square
San Giorgio
Venice Bird's Eye view
Santa Maria della Salute
Church of San Zanipolo
Famous external staircase.
Bang !
St. Mark's Basilica
St. Mark's Basilica
Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge
Water Bus Ride
 Ca' d'Oro (Golden house)
Casino Venice
Water Bus
After Dark
St. Mark's Square
San Bartolomeo
Grand Canal
Grand Canal
Noir Setting
Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge
The Grand canal and water
buses (vaporetti) as seen from the
Rialto Bridge.
My Hotel is behind the Rialto
down an alley where the red
building meets the pink building.
Bend in the Grand Canal from
the Rialto Bridge.
North view from the Rialto Bridge.

Typical bridges and pathways of
The Napoleonic Wing of the
Procuraties,  Built in 1810 as a
palace for Napoleon.
The Piazza San Marco the
centre of Venice. The tall tower
is St. Mark's Campanile.
St. Mark's Basilica built in 832 to
house St. Mark's relics stolen
from Alexandria. Rebuilt 1063.
The Palace of the Doge. The
current palace was largely
constructed from 1309 to 1424.
The entrance to the Doge's
The library Sansoviniana and
the two famous columns at the
docks of the piazetta.
The exterior of the Church of
San Moise (9th Century)
. It is
dedicated to Moses.
A traffic jam of gondolas in a
narrow canal.
Church of Santa Maria della
salute at the head of the Grand
Palazzo Barbarigo or the Palace
of the Barbarigo family.
One of the typical narrow,
shop-filled streets of Venice.
The sun setting over the Grand
Canal from the Rialto Bridge.
A calle or street. A typical one in
San Marco.
Gondalas awaiting patrons along
Riva degli Schiavoni.  San Giorgio
Maggiore in the background.
Bridge of Sighs is a bridge that
carried prisoners to the New Prison
attached to the Doge's Palace.
A leaning Bell tower. Since
everything is built on sinking pylons
the tall buildings tend to lean.
The entrance to the Arsenal the
Venetian Navy Base.
St. Mark's Square restaurant.
Foscari Portico of the Doge's
Palace now restored it burned
during the French Revolution.
A photo from the interior of the
Bridge of Sighs looking toward the
Island of San Giorgio.
A "back alley" canal with few
entrances onto it.
A small canal leading onto the
Grand Canal.
From the Rialto the restaurants
near my Hotel.
Santa Maria della Salute as
seen from atop the St. Mark's
St. Mark's Square from the Bell
A photo from the bell tower
looking toward the Island of San
The view of the entire expanse of
the Main Island toward the
Santa Maria della Salute (1681) was
built in as an offering to the Virgin
Mary to end a plague.
Church of San Zanipolo
(1333-1430) is the principal
Dominican church of Venice.
A photo from the water's edge
along one of the smaller canal.
Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
15th Century), the mansion of
the Contarini family.
Pigeons in St. Mark's Square
scared by some kids popping
St. Mark's Basilica one of the few
Byzantine Churches in the
Western world.
The bronze horses were spoils of
the 1st Crusade brought from
Afternoon traffic on the Grand
Canal as seen from the Rialto
The Rialto Bridge (1591), the
first and still main crossing of the
Grand Canal to the mainland.
Palazzo lining the Grand Canal
as seen from a Water Bus.
Ca' d'Oro (Golden house) so called
as it was orignally gilded.
Built in
1440 for the Contarini family
The Casino Venice. A sign on the
building warns Venetians not to
enter - built to fleece foreigners.
Entering the lagoon from the
Grand Canal on a Water Bus.
Campanile of St. Mark's as seen
from across the lagoon.
The lights just come on at 10:15
PM in the Pazzetta just off St.
Mark's Square.
The Napoleonic Wing of St.
Mark's Square at dusk.
San Bartolomeo church (840)
largely rebuilt in the 18th
Restaurants across the Grand
Canal from my Hotel.
The Grand Canal near the Rialto
Bridge after dark.
Someone under a "street light"
along the Grand Canal.
The Grand Canal from atop the
Rialto Bridge.
The Rialto Bridge in the evening.