The Three Towers part of the
town's defenses built in 1050.
Looking through a Gatehouse into
the Medieval streets of Luxembourg.
Pedestrian street in Luxembourg.
The peculiar street patterns
near Rue Sigefroi.
St Michael's Church the oldest church in
the city built to replace the castle chapel
of the Counts. Originally built in 987, its
present appearance dates from 1688.
The Hollow Tooth so named as
only the walls of this tower
Looking down from the town into the
Alzette river valley.
St. John's Church (1309) and the
area of Luxembourg known as the
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Luxembourg was built upon a
rocky outcrop known as the bock.
Looking down into the Grund. From
above it looks like a Model Train set.
Multi-coloured ivy clinging to the
side of the Bock.
A panoramic view of the Grund and the Railway bridges cutting over it.
The floodplain of the Petrusse river
below the Bock has been made into
a park with many pathways.
Notre Dame Cathedral was
originally a Jesuit church whose
foundations were laid in 1613.
Adolphe bridge was erected in 1900
during the reign of Grand Duke Adolphe.
At the time the bridge was the largest
stone arch bridge in the world (85 metres)
The Golden Lady on Constitution
square was set up in 1923 to
commerate Luxembourgers who
perished in WWI.
Wooden confessionals in Notre
Dame Cathedral.
Notre Dame Cathedral looking
toward the alter.
The pipe organ over the
entrance to Notre Dame
Place de Metz and the Adolphe
bridge at dusk.
Notre Dame Cathedral after dark.
The Rue Chimay near my hotel
after dark.
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