The Presov, the tour boat
travelling to Devin Castle. A 1
hour trip on the Danube River.
Travelling under Novy Most
The Intercity hydrofoil between
Bratislava and Vienna.
The lack of homes along the
Danube was a little puzzling.
The first view of Devin Castle ruins
on top of a hill in the distance.
The signature sight at Devin is the
bastion called "The Nun". The site
of several improbable fairy tales.
The restored gate to the Castle
grounds. The gate dating from
the late 15th century.
The gatehouse and bridge to
the Castle garrison.
The restored castle grounds.
The Nun bastion sitting along on a
promontory over the river. A
battlement used to run out to it.
Panorama view of the entire ruins
of the Castle battlements.
Towers and the Castle Keep were
built on this rock. Napoleon's
army destroyed it in 1809.
A sweeping bend in the Danube
as seen from the Castle.
Ruins of the Middle Castle keep
built by the Lords of Gara, holders
of the castle from 1420-1459.
The restored north wall of the
Castle and gate leading to the
July 8th, 2011
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dÁzur - Prague 2011
The white woman statue in front of
the ruins of Devin. The Bathory
family held the castle for a time.
Excavated foundations of a
Chapel from the 10th century.
A memorial to victims of
Communism, visted by Queen
Elizabeth II.
The Nun bastion from directly
below it.
The Presov awaits to take me
back to Bratislava.
The lighthouse and village below
the Devin Castle walls.
Devin Castle walls from a
distance on the river.
Flying Saucer Drive-in
Along the Waterfront
Ruins on the Hill
The Nun
The Gate
Middle Castle
The Maidens Tower
Lords of Gara
Town Gate
The Iron Curtain
The Maiden
Time to go
We have no coke
So Long