Looking like a true Castle.
Karlstejn Castle about 34 minutes
by train from Prague.
As I start to climb up to the castle
a view of the Courtyard of the
My climb circles around the castle.
Here is the Big Tower holding the
Chapel of the Holy Cross.
The final climb to the castle is up a
steep, paved path through the woods.
The valley below the Castle where the
village resides.
In the Courtyard of the Castle. Beyond
the gate requires tickets and is by
Guided Tour only.
More modern apartments in the
courtyard housing the ticket offices.
The Marian (foreground) and Big
The last of the wooden bridges to the
Big Tower. In the past only wooden
bridges allowed access.
Disappointing sign at the start of the
Guided Tour. No photo, no movie and
no tranlating?
Construction began in 1348 and was
completed by 1365. Ordered by Holy
Roman Emperor Charles IV of Bohemia.
It was laid seige to in 1422 during the
Hussite Wars and later in the Thirty
Years War by Sweden. But never taken..
Souveneir shops and restaurants is all
that the village has to offer.
View of the Castle from the village.
With the woods removed it is a
formidable cliff protecting the castle.
A stream passes through the village
and the homes each have bridges
over it.
Dark and foreboding image of the
Castle and its grim Chapel of the
Holy Cross.
July 4, 2011
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