Main Train Station is a single car
train ride from the Train Station
near the Main Square in town.
Tourist map in the Main Square of
Kutna Hora. Everything you need
to know.
Palackeno Namesti (town square) in
Kutna Hora. At one time the second
city of the Czech Republic.
Cobbled streets near the historic
center of the town.
Former 15th Century Castle that is now
the Mining Museum. The largest
Middle Ages Silver Mine.
Statues of martyrs on the artificial
terrace in front of the Jesuit seminary
was inspired by the Charles Bridge.
One of the statues on the terrace.
St. James Church in the center
of town.
An appearance by the Google
Earth camera cart. Taking images
of hard to reach places.
The Cathedral of St. Barbara, patron
saint of miners (amongst other things).
Begun in 1338 and completed in 1905.
The wooden triptych behind the alter in
St. Barbara's Cathedral. A UNESCO
World Heritage site..
Some of the original paintings on
the stone walls remain in the
New stained glass windows in the
The statue of a Miner in traditional
gear. At its height the largest silver
mine in Medieval Europe.
The Vault Ceiling of the Cathedral.
July 14, 2011
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Tiny Train
Now That's a Map !
Cobbled Streets
Entrance to the Mine Tour
Main Square
Reminds me of Spain
Say Cheese
Flying Buttresses
Site A
Wall Paintings
Stained Glass
Statue of the Miner in St. Barbara
The Ceiling
Cathedral Nave
Painted Wall
Faded Master
Tall Steeple
Window Shopping
No your not seeing me in this outfit
Horse powered Lift
Lift and Air Shaft
Fixer upper
Built by Italian Laborers
Italian Court
Jesuit College
So 50's
Should have taken the train to Kolin
The nave of the cathedral. St.
Barabara's was begun with the money
from the mines beneath it.
Painted wall in the Cathedral in
one of the side chapels..
Me standing in front of a sadly faded
painting on the stone wall of the
The Cathedral of St. Barbara from the
Peculiar smoke on the horizon at the
base of a stack looks like a rocket
St James Church from the terrace
in front of the Jesuit Seminary.
Souvenir shops near the Mining
Museum in Kutna Hora.
Tourists dressed like miners emerge
from the silver mine tour. 650 meters
of walking beneath the town.
Horse powered lift in the Mining
Recreated buildings in the Mining
Various recreated machines in
the Mining Museum..
This building in Kutna Hora is in
serious need of some TLC.
The Italian Court and St. James
Church. The Court was the site of a
Medieval Treasury and Mint.
Statue of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk
(1850-1937) founder of
Czechoslovakia at the Italian Court.
Courtyard in the Italian Court..
St. Barbara's Cathedral from a
lookout near the Italian Court.
The Cathedral and the Baroque
Jesuit College.
St. Barbara's Cathedral from an
interesting angle.
Ruins and burnt out train cars
near the Kutna Hora Main
Kutna Hora Main Train Station.