The Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed
Virgin Mary (1661), in the Lower Square, is a
monastery church of the Capuchin order.
The Chapel of St. John Sarkander (1909)
right in front of my Hotel. Dedicated to a
local martyr killed on this spot.
Interesting building down the
street from my Hotel.
Denisova Street the main street
shows how quiet Moravia is during
the Czech National Holiday.
A lonely tram runs down
Denisova looking for people.
Almost every shop was closed.
Olomouc town hall (1444) is strangely
placed in the middle of the Main
Square (Horni Namesti).
Olomouc kept its town fountains. This
one is the Caesar Fountain (1725),
the reputed founder of Olomouc.
The Town Hall showing the
Portal and stair added in 1539
during the Renaissance.
UNESCO World Heritage site
the Holy Trinity Column (1764)
in Horni Namesti.
The Holy Trinity Column is 35m
high and is decorated in a style
known as Olomouc Baroque.
The Town Hall with a view of the
Tower and the Astronomical Clock.
The best of the Six Fountains is
the Mercury Fountain (1727).
The Hercules Fountain (1687)
which used to stand where the
Trinity Column now rests.
The Town Hall Astronomical Clock
(1519) was destroyed in WWII and
rebuilt in Socialist Realism Style (1947).
A 3D Map of central Olomouc
sitting near the Astronomical
The Caesar Fountain from the other
side. The men under his hooves
represent the Morava and Danube Rivers.
July 5-6th, 2011
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The Marian Plague column in
Dolni Namesti erected after the
plague of 1713-1715 passed.
The Neptune Fountain (1683) in
the Dolni Namesti.
The Marian Plague Column in
the Dolni Namesti (Lower Square).
The Jupiter Fountain (1734)
located in the Dolni Namesti
(Lower Square).
St. Moritz Church probably built
around 1492. The South Tower
(left) is older dating from 1402.
The recently restored St.
Wenceslas Cathedral. Originally
built in 1131.
The nave and organ of St.
Wenceslas Cathedral.
Beneath St Wenceslas Cathedral
where relics are kept and tombs.
A tomb / Contemplation chamber
beneath St. Wenceslas Cathedral.
The cupola roof of the Chapel of
St. John Sarkander.
St. Michael's Church has been
on this spot since 1251 but the
current structure dates from 1892.
The organ loft of St. Michael's
Church. The Church was eerily
A copy of The Last Supper
painted on the ceiling of St.
Michael's Church.
The spartan interior of the
Church of the Annunciation.
New Saint or Pope John Paul strikes again.
White House
Ghost Town
Town hall
Founding Father
The Big Column
Column and Town Hall Tower
Town Hall Postcard
Really ?
Pretty Cool
Plague Column
Lower Square
Small Church
King of the gods
St Wenceslas
St. Wenceslas
Old heart
Roof of the Chapel
St. Michael's
Old Building
Home of Crazy artists
Ceiling painting
Big Church
Climb 1
Town Hall
Main Street
One Climb is enough
Hotel Arigone
Tower View
Draws a crowd
Night Shot
Folk Dancers
Panorama of the Church of the
Old looking building maybe a
Warehouse ?
An odd statue by David Cerny of
a man hanging off of the Town
The least interesting of the Six
Fountains of Olomouc is the
Tritons Fountain (1709).
Church of the Virgin Mary of the
Snows (1716).
The single nave of the Church of
the Virgin Mary of the Snows.
Paintings in the Church of the Virgin
Mary of the Snows date from
consecration through the mid 1800s.
The Organ and some of the
interior art in the Church of the
Virgin Mary of the Snows.
Inside St. Moritz Church. The nave is 22m
wide and 54m high. The largest pipe organ
in central Europe was installed in 1745.
The triptych behind the high altar
(1861) in St. Moritz Church.
The double stair (up and down
wrap inside each other) up the
South Tower of St. Moritz.
Town Hall and the Upper Square
from the top of the Tower of St.
Moritz Church.
Moravia from the top of the
tower. Mountains to the north.
A panorama with the Town Hall
and St. Michael's Church in the
Palackeho Street from the top of
the Tower.
Town Hall Tower. I am up higher
atop St. Moritz Church and the
Church Tower is free to climb.
My hotel room at the Hotel
Arigone (just in front of the
Chapel tower).
St. Moritz Church South Tower
where you can get a great view of
Olomouc for a donation.
Empty streets of Olomouc. Off the
tourist track but also this was
during the Czech National
All of the tourists in Olomouc
gather for the noon ringing of the
Astronomical Clock.
Relaxing on the Upper Square in
a restaurant with a Pilsner Urquell.
The Town Hall at night from my
Hotel Room. This camera did
not take good night shots.
Folk Art on the walls of the Train
Station in Olomouc.